Another Steemit Exclusive Teaser

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This video is taking forever to finish. It's the longest video I've ever done. Sitting at just under an hour right now. Hoping to have it be no more than 30 minutes by the time I'm finished. I shared Evans entrance a while back - but the video has since been removed from dtube - you can check out that video below.

This also serves as a test - For the first time I'm posting in a community - I have no idea If I'm doing this right. If not let me know. It's been awhile since I've really given a shit about what goes on here. Can someone give me a top 5 list of video creators using this platform? whos actually dropping dope shit? Do we have a Steemit Casey Neistat ?

Check out the video.
Sub to my youtube.
Much love.


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looks good man. Do we eventually get to see this guy fight?

Did you really MEAN to vote for Justin Sun's sockpuppet proxy witnesses? and look at the list
If the names are in RED, can you remove them?

If i did it was unintentional - saw a post about getting the old 20 back up and looked at the comments top see who everyone was voting for.

how am i supposed to use this list?

Looks like you have set someone as a PROXY. Good choices there.

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