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RE: The sound of 340M STEEM being dumped and the simple choice

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Steem is just a name

Someone brought up re-branding and said the name Hydra... I want a 20 headed mascot that eats exchanges for breakfast. I think Hydra is a way better name than Steem. Unfortunately, Steem is the coin getting all the press and Steem is the coin that's died a dozen times already. Re-branding is difficult.

We should all be starting a powerdown... even if we cancel it on the last day, so we can dump on Sun ASAP upon pushing the hardfork. Justin case.


Rebranding is difficult as Steem was never a good name from the beginning.

The problem with people starting powerdowns is that the witness votes are based on steem power, not liquid steem. The witness could lose a lot of backing from a bunch of people powering down. I don't have all that much SP, a bit more than 3500, but I'm not going to initiate a powerdown unless it's absolutely necessary.

if we start a powerdown now the first leg won't complete for a week. A week is an eternity and we can always cancel the powerdown at any time or power the coins back up. It's foolish to not be powering down right now to increase our options.

There is absolutely no reason everyone shouldn't be powering down.


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