Ulog: Rest in Peace Sharon - A fighter who lived relying STEEM

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In the last 2 years if you have seen a particular account owner, who would do whatever it takes to survive relying on cryptocurrency, particularly the STEEM coin, would know @fitinfun

She has Chutzpah (never say “no”) spirit in her even though she’s Canadian, and even though I didn’t get to talk to her often, some of us (including @bitrocker2020 and @khimgoh) in #teammalaysia would have known her more on a personal level; especially @jadeline and @happycrazycon .

She may not be the saint or an angel most of the time, but I can always say that she’s always an outspoken person for the minnows who like her, live on STEEM and very dependent on cryptocurrency in order to exchange into fiat to survive.

I speak a lot on STEEM because she never really experience the benefits of HIVE; when the Hard Fork happened, she was already battling her life with her frail body in the hospital.

If you have remembered, she actually asked the STEEM community to help her to gather enough funds for almost USD $1500 for her medical bills (and other payments) in case she recovers from it. Now we have no idea what happens next as we patiently waits for the communication between Kuala Lumpur General Hospital with the Canadian Embassy, while at the same time, hoping to locate her some (who she speaks so much about) or any other next of kin.

Her last active on the account was about 17 days ago; before the fork happened.

As I continue to write this remembering her fighting spirit, this truly has got me thinking a lot on the last 4 days how the HIVE supporters have been behaving in the Steemit platform: What our main reason to fork from the now centralized chain, the crypto that Sharon loved so much, the peer-to-peer exchange that truly helped her through for almost 2 years while she’s being so active on the Steem blockchain.

@justinsunsteemit aka @steemit, this entire platform, the Steemit.com is your private property now. I know how that feels when people through trash and poop into your front yard. But there’s just a few bad apples. Now is the time where the acid test begins, the rubber meets the road; to see whether you are what you say you are, and I personally will watch from afar how you will either build this blockchain to a newer level; or behave hastily and trash it into another shitcoin (so to speak).

There are real people like Sharon who relied on crypto’s bullish in order to survive, who does not have anything else except their creative writing skills / content creation to feed on. I believe some of them are still here fighting for survival. Let’s see if Steemit alone can further bridging those who could afford to buy STEEM and those who need real assistance with their creativity and STEEM earned.

Everyone has an opportunity to see how STEEM can be a benefit holistically, instead of “what is it in for me” waiting for others toil without sleep to create something for the benefit of everyone.

True I know not everyone is a developer; but in #teammalaysia for the last (almost) 3 years we used steem to strengthen relationship, trust within one another; helping one another especially in charity sector with our own given talent. We stepped out of our comfort zone to help people like Sharon, though to some may have said she ripped off some community members in order to survive; but it strengthen our humanity in some ways.

I personally am not sure how STEEM will end up and where it will go, but I hope this place I once much loved now becoming more of a centralized chain. Would at least concentrate on what is important, instead of throwing busy censoring the wrong contents / authors and delegating to those who could potentially just wreck the this coin and blockchain that once fueled a vibrant community.

Lastly, my thoughts and prayers for Sharon’s family, wherever they are, I pray that they are still alive and well and that the Embassy will be able to contact them to know about her passing.

Until then

Peace to you all.

HQ @littlenewthings

#dses initiative member.

A technology can come and go; but when a lifestyle is applied to it, it becomes a new revolution.

This post will 99% be donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank to gather funds to help the stranded under privileged families and refugees in Kuala Lumpur during its lockdown (hopefully) until 14 April.


RIP. My condolences to her family at this time. I met Sharon at SF4 near the registration desk as we Steemian awkwardly got to know each other. She was a big advocate for Steem and I hope she has found peace.

Thank you for your kind words @eturnerx

Yes, she passed away in her sleep. That was the one thing we felt consoled in our hearts.

My condolences to the family. I managed to read some of her posts and interact with her on the blockchain.So, it's quite shocking to read this news. I hope things go smoothly and she's able to return to her homeland for the last time.

Yes, her health was already starting to slide ever since she returned from SF4, but she was still a fighter until 3 weeks before her passing, she was admitted into the hospital; and just that very week the government of Malaysia started having the Movement Control Order.

Most of us couldn't visit her, but the hospital staff took good care of her until her last breath.

Thank you for your kind words

Very sorry to hear about Sharon.

I had only interacted with her a little but I knew she was dedicated to Steem, and that she was having a difficult time.

I had feared the worse when I hadn't seen any posts from her for the past couple of weeks.

I hope you and your family are keeping well.

Sharon was dedicated on how to earn STEEM, but never an on-boarder.
She personally told me before.

Me and family are fine. Safe despite of MCO (Movement Control Order) enforced that has brought much inconveniences. But all still good.

Thank you for asking.

Good to hear you and your family are well.

It is a new world we live in now.

Omg @dses.

What a sad news :( Seriously I'm still unsure how to react. I knew fitinfun for quite sometime and I've been just wondering few days ago how is she in Malaysia.

How did you learn about her death?

Yours, Piotr

I remember when my first few steemit interactions with Sharon almost three years ago! I had not realize her situation since I got back into steemit. This is very sad indeed.

Many things has happened the last 3 years. Welcome back; but I do hope that you will get use to the chain that has changed so much.

Thank you for your sharing of your memory of her.

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I'm sorry to read about this. I cam across her quite a few times and she won several of my contests here on Steem!

Yes, she's always super active, and she loved the community very much.

Thank you for your kind words.

🕉 Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ 🙏

Thank you for the prayers

It's me again @dses

But there’s just a few bad apples. Now is the time where the acid test begins, the rubber meets the road; to see whether you are what you say you are,

Not just a few bad apples. More than a few. And not only apples, but entire apple trees.

In my opinion it's not the right time for Justin to become active. I think it's best if he will wait few more weeks and allow old witnesses to power down and move away for good. As long as old witnesses are still on STEEM - they will do whatever it is in their power to damage this blockchain.

To tell you the truth, I wonder if Justin even will bother about this blockchain. We (as a community) proved to be very hostile and if I were him - I would consider cutting my loses and surely I wouldn't pay much attention to such a rotten apple (steemit platform and it's community).

Plus it's important to remember, that Justin alone cannot do much. And many old witnesses and whales are openly admitting that they will be milking STEEM as long as they can. That's not encouraging.

If we want STEEM to survive, then we need to (somehow) ensure that those users will stop doing their best to damage STEEM blockchain and suck out resources from it.

Yours, Piotr

That's one of the saddest thing to hear @crypto.piotr; that a jilted soul have brought the worse of a human.
And that is why I cross posed this on the other side with a different plea. It has been very ugly to see some of them outspokenly trashing an entrepreneur. Let me know what you think there.

Not all witnesses are bad because I knew a few personally. Most of them who wants to milk them out are usually jilted whales. I do hope with that open letter and the plea in peakd.com a different energy can emerge between the 2 chains, to take the chain to better heights and not singing kum-ba-ya and reaping for their benefits (even before Justin arrived)