Black Screen of Death / ブラック スクリーン オブ デス

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“iPad Black Screen of Death”...I didn’t know it has a name for it.
I guess it happens vey iPad would freeze sometimes but it was never with a black screen...although, this time my iPad went beyond that and it was broken.
I dropped it and it went blank and that was it.
It turned on but no display at all.
It was in the padded backpack though...I guess it wasn’t padded enough :(
I tried every suggestions on the internet to save it from Black Screen of Death but I couldn’t save it.
I even burped my iPad! Yes, burping your iPad like burping a baby could help if the display cable has been loosened.
It helps the screen connectors attach again.
Although, it didn’t help my iPad so I guess it wasn’t the display cable...
On the following day, I took my iPad to the Apple store and the person there tried the same things but it won’t even turn on properly so there were nothing they could do to help.
Only the solution for this was to replace it with a new one.
Apple doesn’t even suggest to open up the iPad and fix it. I guess it is cheaper buying a new one.
So, I am writing my blog today from the brand new iPad. They replaced my old one with exactly the same model and colour.
Well, I could have downgraded...maybe I should have to save the cost but I didn’t want to give up on iPad Pro features.
Now, my old iPad wasn’t under the Apple warranty any more so it cost me $670 Canadian.
It really hurts my wallet but it is under the purchase warranty of my credit card. I’m not sure how much it will cover but I’m going to try to file the claim...or someone please pump the price of Steem!!! xD
I’ll attach the links that I tried to save my iPad from Black Screen of Death.
I hope you will never have to see Black Screen of sucks :(

”iPad ブラック スクリーン オブ デス“…こんな名前が付いているのですね。
iPad のスクリーンが真っ暗のままフリーズする事をこう呼ぶらしいのですが、よくある事なのでしょうか…
パッド入りのバックパックに入れていたのですが、ダメでした ><
iPad をブラック スクリーン オブ デスから救う方法を紹介しているリンク貼っておきます。
皆さまもお気をつけくださいませ。iPadを落としてはいけません。ブラック スクリーン オブ デス、楽しくないです。


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Ohhh :( It happened me last year! It really sucks... I remember fixing my phone was way cheaper maybe 10 years ago, but now first of all, it's almost impossible to fix it, and second of all it's too expensive!!! I can't understand why they made it like this!

It is very expensive and what’s so bad about this is that I can’t live without my iPad or phone! xD

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