On using the hotels to make lovely stays outside home: The case of convenience!

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We need the hotels when we are travelling, and when we are visiting other towns and cities where we usually can just use the bike or the car to be within!

Hotels are there for satisfaction, and we need to use the four Ps in marketing, like the products, the prices, the promotion and the place to make the stays for the guests as pleasant as possible. And we do not need luxury at the hotel, we just need compassion and kindness. And many people in business life can be around us, and experience the same processes and the same outcomes. Hotels are there because of human nature. We have needs to stay away from home, and therefore there are several hotels just around. And the prices and the courtesy among the staff vary much. But decide for yourself where you want to be!

The most important things in the hotels are a friendly staff and nice rooms, and we also need something to eat and drink. This is just convenience and comfort, and satisfaction is giving you as a guest in several ways. So, we need questionnaires to follow up how you have appreciated the time on the hotel. And the owner or the boss of the hotel, takes all the sales and he or she reduces the sales with the costs it implies to make business with a hotel. Everything in business life is easy! You need the courses in business from colleges and universities with recognition and high ranking, and the most important thing you can learn is being able to think, to take all meetings with the staff and the customers, and to plan and to implement how the social relations among people in the hotel should be inside the hotels in internal markets, and outside the hotel in external markets.

We need SSB to take care of the statistics in doing business in Norway, and today we can be there and do all the creativity and analysis there. In addition, we need Norges Bank, the central bank of Norway, where courses in international trade, international marketing, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are welcome! We should be constructive in our manners and cooperate with all the people we are meeting, and with all the people we have met before, for example at NHH in Bergen!

The study that was earlier called for The Higher Department from NHH in Bergen, should meet your wishes for good jobs, and for working with many things in Economics and in Business Administration. And much is about building and developing human resources, and the most important thing is that we give our smiles and positive gestures to the world, and the professors in Bergen can tell the markets that we can be everywhere, in every institution with Economics and/or Business Administration in its operating and in its planning.

So, how should we operate as humans? We should respect education and research, and we cannot be chatting away from this truth. But there are many persons in reality, and many have much to say and to write about the business world, also at Harvard Business School. Hotels need warmth and strategies, and the relations should be open and inclusive, and we should need ourselves to structure the days when working and when living, and we should forget negative experiences, and being open for doing jobs with known and unknown persons, and at every time we should be a friend. And professor Torger Reve and professor Victor D. Norman are excellent persons for having in our background. We cannot deny competence, that is stupid, and we should accept all the dissertations everywhere. But there is much development works, also with doing these dissertations even better. But we should love to be in life, and to do something that people and staff really like and admire!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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