On running as fast as possible: The case of the family Ingebrigtsen in Norway!

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Jakob, Filip, Henrik and Ingrid can run fast. And they have won several medals, also in international competitions. The question is how fast they can run, and which design and experiment in the training that imply that they will run as fast as their potentials are.

We can make several design to train. Should some be light traning and should some be hard training? And which combinations in the training design are best for attending the best running results that are possible? They are not just running as a leisurely walk, but they will achieve something! And you need the best advice and your own hard and winning head to show the world that you are able to run fast, and to reach the goals you have in your fantasy and dreams.

The Ingebrigtsen brothers and their sister Ingrid have their father Gjert as the motivator, coach and trainer. And he knowns that if you should be the best one in intnernational competitions, you must train every day where you live or other places, and you must train with getting soft and hard sessions. Your body should not be too thin, but you should be slim enough to run as fast as your body is able and capable to. And results are a result of variations in training, but you must train some sessions with hard levels, in such ways that you can run fast in international competitions, and it is often more difficult to get the best results in international competitions than in getting the same results at home. This is due to the fact that the world is a larger place in area and with more people than your domestic and desired home country has of area and population!

Interval training for everyone involves among other things sessions like 6 x 4 minutes and a break in between, 8 x 3 minutes and a break in between and 12 x 2 minutes and a break in between, and the break should always be shorter in duration than any of the hard sessions with running. But we know that interval training is effective and that is helped, but we do not know today what is the best way of training hard to prepare for every running distance with competition. We should train as good as possible, and the ways we are training help us to run good or excellent in competitions both at home and abroad!

So, how do we find a design for training that fits me best? You go through all possible combinations of training methods and training design, and you choose the best scheme to reach the goal as fast as we can. And we should do research, also with robots, on how we can run faster than ever since before. And books can help us giving advice, but if there is little help in the literature, we should do experiments on the athletes and make them happy with the training program. Running and training are things that many people should be engaged with to be healthy, and we determine through our lifestyle how long we want to live. And we must try to avoid anorexia and obesity, and as humans our choices in the long run and in the short run determine how long we will be at earth. And when we are died, we cannot come back to life, and nobody knows for sure if there is a life after this life, but we should believe in something or nothing when being here. Many people have their faith and their religion to orient each other, and to give advice to each other.

We must train on interval training and long haul when doing the training efforts, and when training in appropriate manners, and we should also use the power and the energy that we have in our bodies! And all things in sciences have something to do with our bodies, and we are trying to develop our skills at every school at every level. And we should know how to train and why we choose the ways as we choose. These results we get in national and international competitions are not coincidences and substitutes, but they are hard training.

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