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RE: OCD's stance on cross-posting and news about empowering niche communities

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Hopefully this crpss-posting is a temporary measure.

Remember that posts lose votability after 7 days. So unless that changes, resteeming into communities would lose authors the renewed votability of their old posts.

The alternative is to lengthen the votability to infinity and allow various payout cycles. But I'm not very sure if this is even viable.


You can also just copy and paste and post again. Cross-posting legitimizes double-dipping. It would be best to actually improve the post to get more rewards during the double-dip.

Alternatively if you read an old post and like it, you can upvote a more recent post or the authors reply to a comment on the post. Actually, the possiblities are endless and better than spamming cross-posts everywhere.

Yeah. I'm aware of all of this, but it's very problematic :( The community is original-content-centred and this disincentivises most kinds of reposts and shares that are not inline links (like this), explicit links, resteems or reblog.

Copying and pasting is basically like summoning the devil. I think it's due to the difference between the people in this community and the people on Reddit and similar places. The demographics are simply very different. I think the average age on Steem is much, much higher than on Reddit, by at least a decade and a half. This creates a more traditional-media conception of social media that creates a very unfamiliar world for us Internet-raised younglings.


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