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RE: The sound of 340M STEEM being dumped and the simple choice

in OCD2 years ago

Yeah, I don't think the Koreans really understand what is at stake here, yet they are trying to bargain for few pennies whilst everything they have managed to milk is at risk of losing value with their own actions.
What comes to the exchanges, they should just suck it up because this is their own mess they created by getting involved with the governance of Steem. And definitely no privilege with a shorter power down periods - dump all the Steem with the expense of the community, this is unacceptable. Would like to come to some sort of compromise, but this is not the way to do it. And with exchanges still not having initiated a power down(?) they are digging themselves further into this mess by hoping for a quick fix.


They think only about their own stake, and don't seem to understand how the rest of the platform operates. For a long time, they were in the corner doing what they do while everyone else was dealing with bidbots.


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