Summer walk at the beach

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Today I want to make a short story about a summer trip to the beach on the Gulf of Finland.

It was a windy day and there were waves in the bay.



Walking along the beach, I found some wild flowers.


They grew up on such a hill.



In the middle of the beach, biting into the sand, a pine tree stood.


One family arranged a photo shoot On the beach.


There were many parachutes in the sky above the bay. Kiters used this windy day to the fullest.



In the wind, seagulls soared above the shore.


People were walking along the shore. This family came to the beach on bicycles. In the best traditions of a healthy lifestyle.


At the edge of the beach began a pine forest. Here, too, you could take a walk.


Leaving the beach, I took another farewell photo.


Nikon D5000 + Sigma AF 17-50

I strongly recommend to open the photo in a separate tab to appreciate it.


Thank you for sharing. You live in a very beautiful place. I have rarely seen pictures of Finland and it looks quite nice! Appreciate you taking the time to take us on your walk with you. Cheers!

@boddhisattva lives in Russia. The Gulf of Finland is the easternmost part of the Baltic Sea. The city of St. Petersburg is in the east end of the gulf.

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Wonderful collection of photos, I can smell the fresh air and feel the sunshine. THANK YOU

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