HORROR expression face. Commission DONE! Illustration by Alejandra Her

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Some time ago I shared with you in this post , a drawing for an editorial publication. The idea was to capture a face with an expression of horror, and that the character could inspire horror as well. This was the proposed sketch:

pencil art.jpeg

Once approved, I was asked to give it an effect of oil painting, but using digital tools. To that date, I didn't have a drawing tablet, so my only tools were my computer and my mouse.

However, when we are passionate about something, we look the ways to make the result satisfactory for everyone, and something beautiful can be done with few tools.

So I proceeded.

First I created a very dark color palette. I wanted my character's skin to be ash, but I still wanted it to look alive.

Then I began to paint directly on the sketch with a digital oil mixing brush, which are predetermined in Photoshop.

rostro proceso.jpg

Having painted directly on the sketch helped me keep the shadows.

As you can see, at first I had raised large pupils and irises. However, I did not want my character to be possessed by some terrifying vision, but on the contrary, that his gaze reflected fear. Here, I applied a comics style principle: pupil and iris very small in expressions of terror. So contrasts great with this painting.

rostro horrorpropuesta alejandra.jpg

Although the lack of hair and the dull color on his skin tells us that the character is not someone ordinary, the red color on his nose and cheekbones shows us that he is alive.

Finally, I didn't want it to be just a floating head, so I added the neck and shoulders, and voila!


What do you think about it?



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