Trip to Santa Justa Sierra - The Way Back - Valongo | Portugal

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Leaving the caves and the dam behind, it was time to return to the initial location and return to the shelter, but on the way back, we once again opted for an alternative path to the one that took us to that place where we were.
So we opted for a path that started with a steep climb towards the summit, but after the climb it was divided again into other secondary paths that spread through the mountains, and it was by one of those with a detour to the right that we followed.
Initially i was not remembering exactly where it would take us, but from my sense of orientation, that was the right direction, which later proved to be.



Along the way, and as i had already mentioned in previous posts, this mountain was a place of strong mining exploration by the Romans for several centuries and along these trails it is always possible to pass through several fojos "pitfalls", some hidden in the middle of the vegetation, that's why it is always necessary to be very careful when someone decide to leave the marked trails.





These pitfalls had the function of oxygenating the tunnels and underground galleries that are under our feet and that extend for several kilometers.
The trail went smoothly, we even walked in absolute silence, accompanied by the sound of our steps and the leaves of the trees that were noticeable a few meters above the ground at the top of the trees.



Something that is very noticeable today and that somehow mischaracterizes the forest as it was known, were the successive fires that broke out here and in the place of the old vegetation, hectares and hectares of eucalyptus were planted, this fast growing tree that perfectly serves the wood industry and prevents soil erosion, but on the other hand it dries up the surrounding water sources and is a real fuel.







Coming close to the place that connects the land where we can visit the fojo das Pombas and the trail that takes us to the starting point, we cross a small passage where you can see a huge cut in the rock at the entrance to an old mine where the water that rises on a higher ground in an underground natural spring flows freely today.






Here it is possible to find caves hidden in the middle of the vegetation, small pitfalls of shallow depth and a whole meticulously clean and treated terrain that gives pleasure to visit.
My daughter has loved these hikes and it is a great pleasure for me to be able to show her these places that are still preserved today and from which i have immense memories of adolescence ...


That´s all for today :)


See you soon
Thank you for watching :)

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Um mundo inteiro por descobrir... 😊

Mesmo, cá em cima e lá em baixo :P

Beautiful pics, although that hole in the ground looks ready for a scary beast to jump out.

!giphy cave



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Indeed, and there are a lot of them :P Thanks


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