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RE: Cross-addressing cross-posting

in OCD5 months ago

Wouldn't be surprised if we saw a lot of old/inactive accounts share some shitty crypto "news" onto all relevant communities soon.

Been having a lot of discussions about cross-posting soon and hoping the good will outweigh the bad usecases of it and that Steemit will also implement it in the near future. As mentioned in the past we at @ocd have been hoping for something like this to exist since our community is so general, glad Steempeak added it. Planning on how to best empower more niche communities with cross-posts but needs some thinking to make sure it's the best method and the one that can scale the best.

Cross-posting this onto the SteemPeak community.


@acidyo and @tarazkp I am sorry to say that partly because of having life issues, and not being able to keep up, this communities, tribes and cross-posting thing is making my head hurt. I am, afraid, going to retreat to my WP blog and post via @steempress and use hashtags.

Frankly, one of the reasons I like @ocd is because I'm not boxed and because I have an eclectic range of interests. I guess I'll find a path when 3D life calms down to a panic and I can spend time working through all of this.

Which brings me to my final point: this has become such hard work - just keeping up - and it was supposed to be fun and a place to share content and engage.

rant over

Hmm, I was going to ask someone the other day to create some sort of infographic on how everything works now so it's easier to have an overview of it. We've also refrained from posting clear guidelines of cross-posting from OCD's point of view so far but I think it is about time to do so soon.

That would be very helpful @acidyo and before you do, and you'd like a "stupid" person to ask the "stupid" questions, please feel free to get hold of me via discord. I'd be happy to oblige.

lol, actually everyone is confused to some degree, if not by the technicality then by how to use cross-posts so it doesn't turn into abuse. :D

Bwahaha! Now I feel a whole lot better.

Thank you!

You can share and engage all through the place and if you have specific content for a community, you can find a group who have the same interests. The way it was doesn't scale, and while there aren't that many people here now, with not too many more it becomes unworkable.

Thank you @tarazkp, but this is my point: why should I be working so hard spend more time looking for a place to post when, on other platforms, hashtags do that for me?

Perhaps I got out of bed on the wrong side this morning. Need more coffee :P

Hashtags might do it for you, but so do the algorithms that the platform runs, which can be used to also make you invisible. Are you sure those algorithms are working in your favor?

It is a lot more manual here at this stage, some love it that way.

Well, right now, truth be told, I'm sure of nothing. So, time to stop wittering on, and get on with things.

I will learn and be less of a grinch. In time... ;)

Being a grinch is part of the fun :)

But, so is learning new things :P

Wouldn't be surprised if we saw a lot of old/inactive accounts share some shitty crypto "news" onto all relevant communities soon.

Indeed. I was having a look today at the main of one, thinking if it was taking advantage of the many autos yet...

It is obviously going to get abused by some, but I am hoping that the EIP will help curb it a little. I also think that as it evolves, there will be better ways to use it that are harder to scam on.

Thank you for the cross-post.

Can't communities moderate content now?

To some degree I think.

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