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RE: OCD's stance on cross-posting and news about empowering niche communities

in OCD3 years ago

Oh and about the @null and @steem.dao option, I agree. Some times visibility is worth more than the rewards and if some crossposters feel the original post already earned a good amount but sharing it to the right community is important having the option to set the 90% or even the 5% they get to steem.dao or null would be important, or be able to adjust how much of the rewards go there.


Maybe the crosspost feature can be enhanced. It would be easy to make a similar feature but setting beneficiaries to @null and/or @steem.dao

I like visibility, but I would prefer a link to my post and a short summary. Taking away 10% (5community 5 crossposter) without any consent for clicking a button feels wrong.

However, I guess there is so much crap being posted, finding a post and clicking cross-post would easily be 10% of the work that goes into a typical post for a lot of posters (won't name them, but I'm sure you have an idea) especially if they gasp add an entire sentence.

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