#posh goes steempeak fully!

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Three weeks ago we announced that we'll be encouraging content creators posting in the OCD community to share their SteemPeak posts instead of Steemit while still covering the Steemit ones as well.

Effective immediately we will be switching 100% to SteemPeak.

This initiative started initially to support Steemit with traffic and adrevenue, now there are no ads. Of course this initiative also helps us get new users and content consumers. If you are unaware of #posh, basically you just share your SteemPeak posts onto Twitter and paste a link of the tweet in a comment on your post so that when we curate it we give it a higher vote than we originally would have as extra incentive.

We're also thinking of evolving this intiative with a bot and a point system that gives out tokens based on the amount of likes, followers and other stats while we buy up tokens on a weekly basis (similar to ENGAGE). More info on that once we're closer to making it a reality!

Communities the new #posh changes will effect: OCD & SGC (Steem Gaming Community) which we also curate actively.

Also note that we're just curating #posh in the above mentioned communities as we don't have enough voting power to cover all of them spread out in all communities. We'll be reminding people to switch to Steempeak #posh when we see them still share Steemit. :)

From tomorrow on the OCD Compilation posts will resume. Now divided in communities instead, showcasing the best curated posts from many different communities but also posts outside of any community.

The communities we're covering so far: TravelFeed, SteemitWorldMap, TheInkWell, OnChainArt, LightPainters and AlienArt.

Hoping to find a lot of great posts from great content creators and hopefully also many new ones! :)

If you have a unique community you've started and want to give it an extra push, feel free to contact us and we can talk and see if it's a good fit and more info about our curation!

We're also creating accounts for new people for free. All you have to do is contact us in our discord and we'll send you an invite. If you want to create accounts for friends we have to take some measures like them showing us some other social media accounts they use to make sure it's unique users and not just looking for a free alt account. Of course reputation goes a long way here and I don't mean the rep number. :)

If you are new to Steem feel free to join our Discord anyway and ask around, there's always someone around happy to help!

Other than that we look forward to curating and scaling our community and project. We have a lot of ideas for onboarding, funding and growing this project in many ways.

If you are a content creator or investor who doesn't have as much time to curate but want to help us cover more ground, you can always delegate to @ocdb:
((https://app.steemconnect.com/sign/delegate-vesting-shares?delegatee=ocdb&vesting_shares=1000%20SP) just change the "1000" into the SP you want to delegate)
and you'll receive daily returns on curation rewards. You can check more details and live returns on our website.


Alright, just got my first @steempeak post and now fully on it!

That is great to see the change.

I have to say coming from the Steemit front end recently, Steempeak has some pretty cool features and it was not hard to make the transition :)

Bold stem in support of a full developed front end like steempeak. Am on it right away, been a minute.

No longer using Steemit & posted my second piece on Steempeak, yesterday (about a scam I experienced that I turned into self-knowledge).

I’m happy to say that, technophobe that I can be, I’m finding Steempeak quite easy to use & continue to share on Twitter ✌🏼

steempeaktards we ride! :D

I switched over to steempeak 3 or 4 days ago. No problem posting, but having trouble using the wallet with the keychain and I have to go and use the steemit wallet to do transfers and stuff that requires my active key. I believe the steempeak wallet won't even let me claim rewards, but I could be wrong on that one. The keychain gives a response about the active key, but it doesn't say what I'm supposed to do.

Are you sure you put your correct Active key in the Keychain interface? Simply go to "Manage Account" (four squares at the top right) and enter your active key again.

I think that's the problem, but I don't see a "Manage Account" on the keychain. How do I get to where "Manage Account" is available? Thanks for your help @miti!

Ah, NM, I see you said it's at the four squares. I'll try that.

I clicked the 4 squares but the only option it gives me is Add New Account. How do I edit my existing account?

Finally got it! To get the four squares I had to click on the TOP half. I was apparently clicking on it in the middle of the four squares, which just activates the menu tab.

Well, so it's runnin' okay?

Yep, everything seems fine now, Thank you so much for your help!

My pleasure ;)

I have started using steampeak since last few days, and I think, its pretty good. One question I have : How do we use the #posh tag and OCD community ? Is it like we have to post in OCD community along with the #posh tag ?

The reason I am asking is I saw some other communities ( e.g. GEMS) that also curate good posts. And community cross posting is not quite rewarded. So how to benefit from both the communities ?

I am about to write my travel blogs , so wanted to know so that I can do the needful.

Yeah OCD is good with some great Creators but I like what GEMS is doing too. I am leaning more towards that Community right now tbh. But will not rule out OCD and the wonderful job they are doing

I have switched all my #posh to @steempeak links as of a couple weeks ago :-) It's a good move.

This makes me sad. Literally communities or condensers may be killing Steemit itself. Members have to use all kinds of sites just to see all posts and qualify for upvotes instead of using one site for all. Ah such Steemit changes.

Just tested this out. One piece of feedback:

It’d be great to have icons for quick shares on other social media platforms available for posts on Steempeak, similar to how there are on Steemit.

Was surprised to not see any at first. Unless I’m still missing them, which would be weird cuz one might expect them to be obvious.

Far quicker and easier than having to copy and paste links for oneself.


That's lovely. A good impression for the Steem Community at large.

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Hello @acidyo et al, would someone explain what the OCD community is about, what sort of posts would use this tag?
I am a steemit user since 2017, but all these communities/tribes and the Plethora of tags have me most flustered.
I write poetry, inspirational prose, and I have found no tag/community for that.
I also post about photography and cooking (those are obvious) I am just at a very big loss in this new ecosystem.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind, I'm a 65 yr old man who knows little or nothing about the blockchain, though I am somewhat computer literate.

Thanks in advance.

So now I cannot use the tag #posh ?

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