Would be nice if @steempeak also added a notification of cross-posts the way resteems show today "this was resteemed by @x".

Yeah for sure. And something for @ginabot's creator to add in too?

I am guessing there must be as it auto sets beneficiaries. Perhaps you could have a chat with @jarvie and see if there is a way to filter.

That would be nice to see. I know the author gets a notification because it's a mention. But for other users to see would be really nice.

Short of making the cross-poster add a comment to the post when they do it which would also be annoying.

Yep, it might be a nice little metric on a post too for a "Number of crossposts" badge and a link to who and where. Might also be a good metric for an entire account, similar to number of resteems. While I know that some will abue the feature, I really think it has the legs to become something very valuable. You guys are doing a great job.

Nice thing about badges is that literally anyone can run them ... even complex ones like that. They can set up bots to watch the chain for certain things and then make it so it follows/unfollows users based on that info. Just set up the code. If it's useful we'll whitelist it in a heartbeat.

A user could make a badge saying "Tarazkp's Top 10 Commentators" badge
Users who have given me a .12 cent vote. Users who have said the world elephant in a post to me. Hahah .... random but still...

More likely something like users who have crossposted 10 times.

Will it be possible for example, if @abh12345 writes badge scripts that get whitelisted, to have a badge marketplace where I could add it to my profile and pay a little on it?

I am hoping that in time there will be a market place for analytics and a way to customize my own account configuration to try and improve experience of my audience (an audience - not necessarily mine) in a similar way that I could do on Wordpress and using the third-party plugins. I know this is some way off...

so for badges all that you have to do is follow/unfollow. So I guess for a script all he'd need to do is create a script that follows or unfollows based on your qualification. Pretty simple. You keep some SP delegated to that account so it can do the follows and un-follows


I think you should get some ENGAGE for your treasure hunt and the awesome cross-posting data review I know you will deliver ;D


Doesn't seem to be anything obvious in the DB. Was wondering if i could do it based on beneficiaries or matching post titles/permlinks but not sure at present....

keep cross-posting my content until you work it out... ;D

Will do when I find an appropriate community tag you haven't used ;)


Answering my own question above, this looks promising..



These the key for identification?

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