#ulog Contest - Write A Ulog About @xpilar. (0.5 STEEM Per Entry)

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Ulog Contest

Kindly write a ulog about the user @xpilar. Being a ulog, you can use any media 'e.g text, podcast, video, pictures etc' but it shouldn't resource from the internet and it should be created fresh based of your conscious evolution. In the midst of your evolution however, you will be celebrating a fellow human and in this case the person of @xpilar.

In the Uloggers ecosystem, it is "true celebrity-hood for everyone, once and for all".

Among other things, we want to highlight by this endeavor that a ulog can span across any topic, however complex, removing barriers to entry from the 'art of content-creation, content-curation and content-promotion', making these arts available to every(any)one.

The model of ulogging is 'mining the human'.

Simply visit the user @xpilar, mine his their human and write a ulog about this user, using your ulog to celebrate and get to know them and yourself in the process.

For ulogging, you don't need to be perfect. You just need to evolve.

I am struggling financially, so let's just share 0.5 STEEM among our first 70 ulog entries. In your ulog, make sure to mention @xpilar.

Contest Dynamics

  • Write a ulog about the person of @xpilar (make sure your ulog mentions '@xpilar')
  • Do well to publish your Ulog in the Ulogs community, so i can easily find it.
  • Kindly submit your Ulog underneath this post in the comment section. As you do, kindly mention as many people as you can, so that they can participate too.

Optional: You can also share you post on Twitter, with #ulog among your tags!!!

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


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Hi @surpassinggoogle

It will be nice to see what writes and can write about me;)