Announcing "What does Skateboarding mean to me" Steemskate Contest

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Hello everyone

Since most of us are locked up inside our house due to the #Covic-19 virus we are gonna be hosting a fun and easy to participate contest in order to keep the fire burning in our skateboarding community.

Announcing a new contest

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Seems like a simple question but most of us skaters can talk about this topic for hours. Now it's time to put all your thoughts on a post and share it with the #Steemskate Community.
  • How did you started skating?
  • Why do you still skate?
  • What does skateboarding mean to you?


  • Your title must include "What Does Skateboarding Mean to Me"
  • Use #Steemskate as one of your first 5 tags
  • Only blog posts shared in the Steemskate Community will be concidered valid entries. Feel free link a video at your blog post though
  • Make it look good (photos, videos etc.). A good looking post always attracts more attention ;).
  • Leave a comment with your entry at the comment section bellow




All entries will receive a $0.30+ upvote from @steemskate's curation trail and a prize pool of 30 Steem will be shared amongst all valid entries.


A Call for Help

Vote for your Witnesses

I am sure you've read a ton of posts by people you follow on Steem so I won't go into details. Just a reminder that if you want to keep our blockchain decentralized you must vote for witnesses.
If you do now know what witnesses on Steem are, take a look at the post bellow
Some days ago @justinsunsteemit tried to take governance of Steem Blockchain by using Steemit's Ninja Mined stake to vote for his witnesses (they were not even real people, just some bots) and overthrow our Steem Community's democratically elected witnesses out of the top 20 positions. This caused a huge uproar on Steem as no-one wants Steem to be a new facebook ruled by one man (Justin Sun).
All Steemians took action and started voting for their witnesses. We currently have 11 witnesses back in the top 20 spots.Don't waste time, go vote for witnesses. It's super-easy and of course by doing so you are helping in securing Steem's reputation as the best decentralized social media platform.
If you do not know how to vote for your witnesses, take a look at the posts bellow.

How to vote for witnesses via Steemit

How to vote for witnesses via Steempeak

Click the arrow next to your user name at the top right corner of your screen and then click on Witnesses


Then follow the instructions of the post bellow

Every tiny vote helps. Let's take back the governance of our beloved Steem Blockchain.

The @Steemskate Instagram Initiative


If you are using Instagram you most probably follow the @steemskate account but if you don't YES, we now have an official Steemskate account over there. We need to gather followers and start inviting more people to our #skateboarding community here on Steem so we will be starting a fun Instagram #steemskate campaign to get people's attention and onboard more skaters.

How you can help us

It is quite simple. First of all if you don't already follow us on Instagram and have an account over there start following the official Steemskate Profile. Here is the link .
After following us, the only thing we ask is to tag us or use the #steemskate tag at your post so we can start sharing all people's posts as stories. More variety of skaters tagging us and we sharing stories of their posts means a lot more visibility for @steemskate.
And that's pretty much it. Just by tagging us and using the #STEEMSKATE tag we can attract people's attention, gather followers and start inviting more people.

More info can be found at the link bellow :

Delegate and earn SKATE TOKENS

Delegators will be receiving a fixed ammount of SKATE TOKENS monthly depending on the amount of SP they delegated. For every SP you delegate, you will be receiving x5 SKATE TOKENS. That means that if you delegate 10 SP you will be getting back 50 SKATE TOKENS every month.
The Steem Power Delegated to us will be used to vote exclusively skateboarding content and give all skaters the appropriate support. Whether we like it or not, a big upvote is a huge motivation.

Delegators :


Latest @Steemskate Posts

If you want to learn more about the SKATE TOKEN or about our community check out our latest posts :

We are the #steemskate family

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