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Tall Man

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This time Bara knew where she was when she opened her eyes. She knew from the softness of the bed and the heavy scent of lilacs, her favorite flower no more. She was back in her luxurious cell above the canal, back with Paul. She sat straight up. Despite the torment of the night before, the tremendous blood loss, she felt full of energy and full of fight.

Paul sat in a chair next to the bed. He’d been watching her sleep. He started and then smiled to see her awake. She looked to her wrist. The bandage was gone and the gash had disappeared. Her arms were free of any bruising or signs of trauma. All her hurts were healed. How? Her torn and soiled nightgown was gone too and in its place a similar one, this time—would there be no end to her humiliation—in pink. Paul had undressed and dressed her while she lay unconscious, once again. Too much!

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The nightgowns trailed behind her as she bolted up and ran to the door. She’d not swim herself free this time. Now that she had her Clâvigen powers, she’d go through the door and forgo the dunk. She’d fight through Paul if she had to. But no. He was at the door before her. What was happening? He moved like quicksilver. She moved like an ordinary human. A push and he didn’t budge. She pulled back in pain. Her hand felt as though it had pummelled granite. Despite the agony in her fingers, she tried again. Paul reached out and took hold of her wrist.

“You’ll hurt yourself, chère. You must stop. There’s no point. Your Clâvigen strength and speed are gone. In your current condition, you’re no stronger than a kitten. My kitten.”

Kitten! Bara remembered making the same comparison in the Basilica a few hours earlier. She didn’t like him thinking the same. She struggled ferociously but he held her fast.

“What do you mean my powers are gone?”

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“It was a necessity. I gave you my blood.”

“You gave me your blood?”

“My fellow vampyre gave me no choice. You were badly hurt. Given your Clâvigen wardenship, you may have survived, but I wasn’t going to chance your life. It isn’t just your dark-haired Clâvigen beau who can heal. One drop of my blood and all ills vanish. It’s remarkable. We take and give life so easily. One day such power will be yours too.”

Bara blanched. She wanted to throw up. She’d have put her fingers down her throat and done just that, but it would have only been histrionics. His blood was good and in her system. She felt it, something different spreading through her veins, flowing quicker and heavier than her own human blood. She choked back the bile in her throat and found her voice.

“You made me a vampire?”


Words and Images are my own.

The Tall Man is available in paperback or digital through amazon and your local libraries and bookstores. Click on any title below to further explore and support my writing.







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This was scary and vivid.
Looks like a good read.

Thanks so much, SS:)

Your story is really nice. I was in fear while reading this.


Thank you, Cripto:)

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