Newcomers' Tutorial Part 1: How to join the #club5050 initiative and how can you adapt this rule

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This topic is addressed to the Newcomers to this platform who are still confused about the #club5050 program implemented by the Steemit Team. In this post, I will be giving ideas on how to adapt themselves in Steemit based on my own experience or what I learned from others.

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For those who have just started their Steemit career, you might have known Steemit as a "blog and earn" blogging site, as it is the easiest description of Steemit if you Google it. Let's face the truth "earning" is the number one reason why we are all here. But as I've seen by now, Steemit has re-directed its concept. This blogging site is no longer all about rewarding its user's posts, but urging its users into becoming long-term investors. If you are here just to earn, then as early as now, I will remind you that you'll fail with your expectation and you might get disappointed. You might not stay for long. This time Steemit has no room for users who expect fast earnings. Instead, Steemit wants to build an individual whose mentality is to invest.
Straightforward, Steemit wants us to invest more than half of our earnings and that is what the #club5050 initiative is all about.

Why do you need to join the #club5050 initiative?

#club5050 is both beneficial to the Steemit management and its users. It will minimize the uncontrolled withdrawal of some users which will surely gives a negative impact on the platform. What makes it worst, this platform will be down again. If you do some research, Steemit falls years ago and the value of steem became super low. That is why the Steemit Team created this #club5050 initiative to keep this platform secured. Sad to say, some users and Newcomers will no longer proceed to their Steemit journey because of insufficient information about this #club5050 rule. That is why we greeters of Newcomers tried to briefly explain this #club5050 rule every time we verify a post.

What are the #club5050 initiative benefits?

Users who joined this club have a bigger chance to gain attention from the curators. Above all, this will help build your account and if you have enough steempower you can delegate it into communities wherein you can also earn passive rewards monthly.
This initiative will make you a Steem investor and be self-sustainable in the future. There are lots of opportunities and benefits around the corner if you manage to grow your account. Just be aggressive in powering up and join the #club5050 program.

What are the different clubs?

Club5050- users must power up more than 50% of their post payout within the last one month. Tag to use #club5050
Club75- users must power up X3 or 75% of their post income for two months. Tag to use #club75
Club100- users are not making any withdrawal of their earnings for three months onwards. Tag to use #club100

Users who are not powering up according to the given % required of each club are not allowed to use the tag. On your first earnings or payout, we encourage you to immediately convert your Steem dollar into steem and power up. You can decide which club will you prefer. This is one of the ways to grow your account faster as I had explained.

How to earn upvote in Steemit to join the #club5050 initiative?

It will take patience and time for you to succeed here in Steemit. Along your journey, you will meet those struggles and hardships that may lead you to frustration and leave this platform. Here are a few points that may help you.

  • Be consistent in posting and exploring communities.
  • Engage yourself by commenting on other users' posts.
  • Do not keep on thinking about possible rewards from the curator.
  • Equipped yourself by researching and reading.
  • Create quality content.
  • Complete your Achievement task.
  • Be a competitive writer and avoid plagiarism.
  • Allow yourself to grow and show your versatility in writing.

I am hoping, this guide may help answer the question of those who are new to Steemit. Hopefully, this can help them familiarize how Steemit works and how to build their account by joining the #club5050 initiative organized by the Steemit Team.

Enjoy your Steemit journey!

Steem greeter from the Philippines,

 last year 

wow, muchas gracias, tenía algunas dudas al respecto.

¿Sólo debo encender la mitad de lo que tengo para poder usar la etiqueta?

Necesita aumentar más de la mitad de sus ingresos. Revisé tu billetera y tienes ahorros. Intenta unirte al club.

 last year 

Está bien, muchas gracias

Terimakasih ini sangat membantu dalam referensi saya kedepan bagaimana menposting yang bagus....

Saya senang bahwa posting ini membantu Anda.

 last year 

Muy buena explicación! Esta bastante claro para todos los nuevos que ingresan a la plataforma! Gracias @juichi por el aporte!

Muchas gracias amiga.🙂

 last year 

This is so useful sir esp to the newcommers... Congrats for always doing your best

 last year (edited)

Thank you, ma'am. That's what I really desire to help Newcomers to improve their accounts.

 last year 

Hello friend excellent tutorial for newcomers to join the initiatives of the on and focus on growing within Steemit, thanks for sharing it also I will share it!

Greetings from Venezuela

Thanks friend. Let's help in informing everyone well, especially those who are new to this platform.🙂

 last year 

Wel said... Greetings!

 last year 

Hello @juichi This is good to inform all newcomer community tutorials .

 last year (edited)

Thank you, Please apply this tutorial for you to grow your Steemit account.

 last year 

how can i join the club? if I'm new and I want to delegate but I can't because they don't vote for me
how would it be done in that case?

Hi, I'm new to the platform and I came to steemet at the initiative of a friend who advised me to post and talk about my stories here.

I understand about the clubs, thanks, but what else do you advise me to start here on the platform? My orientation is digital arts.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks as i am a bit cleared about I started using it for 2days

Thanks for sharing this information! I'm new to Steemit and this was super helpful.

 last year 

Valuable update those my friend didn't know about this. Thanks for sharing this post.

 last year 

Thank you for your work at Steem Greeters team.

 last year 

Hello @juichi This is good to inform all newcomer community tutorials .
Good job!

Thank you, I hope this tutorial can help your Steemit journey.🙂

This article sets the expectation right for newcomers about earning potential. Also, it crisply but clearly gives the benefits of joining 5050 club and puts the starter on right path. Much appreciated.

 last year 

this is very good tutorial for newcommer

I am still confused.

Do you have any questions? Let me help you.

After the first post, what to do next?

 last year 

Thank so much

 3 months ago 

I learned a lot of important knowledge from your post, thank you very much.
By the way support my post, thanks!

hello @juichi ..please My account verified ...

Hello @shahin001,
Please refer it to your Country Representative or greeter, they are the ones in charge of your Achievement 1 Verification.

Very helpful

Thank you! I definitely appreciate the information. This is only my second day on the platform, so this post was extremely helpful. i hope everyone is having a fantastic day🤍💜💛💙

Thank you! Great help.

 last year 

hy @juichi i like your content

 last year 

Sangat berguna sekali ilmu nya🙏

 last year 

Wow... Thank so much @juichi fine for the informative content. I learnt alot here.


Wah ini berguna bagi saya pengguna baru di steemit

Nice to know.

Thanks and it was helpful

 last year 

That is great thanks so so good

 last year 

Excelente explicacion tenia mucho tiempo sin saber de stemit. Es hora de comenzar

 last year (edited)

This is novel and great as well. Thank you for such in-depth information.

You are welcome, I hope this article helps you.

 last year 

Yes,it has really helped me a lot. At first I used club100 as one of my tags now , I have realised that , untill I reached 100 days I am not qualified to be in club100

 last year (edited)

You can use the #club100 tag if you are not making any withdrawals.

 last year 

Ok. Thank you for this kind of information

 last year 

Dear @juichi
I'm @sanjanamursalina. I have already joined your Newcomers' Community. I love Newcomers' Community. And I did post Achievement 1 on Newcomers' Community. I'm very interested to work in this Newcomers' Community.
Have a look please..and verify me.😥😥
Thanks a lot.🥰

 last year 

Great write-up @juichi! This is what I've been looking for. I'm at the moment still trying to complete my achievement 5 Task #2, and very happy to have just received my first reward (picture attached). My questions are:

  1. Am I allowed to participate in Club50/75/100 despite that I have not completed all my achievements yet?
  2. I like the idea of long-term investor, and my preference is to join club100 as I do not plan to withdraw any of my earnings, but to be eligible to join this club100 I have to proof not making any withdrawal for 3 months onwards. If now is May 2022, does it mean that I can only use #Club100 on my post starting in August?
  3. In conjunction with point #2 above, is it mandatory that I power-up monthly ie: power-up in May, June, and July before I can use club100 hashtag?
  4. Is there a minimum value of earnings/power-up required to join any of the club or any earnings is acceptable as long as we follow the split rule ie: 50-50, 75-25, 100-0?

Thank you for sharing this article and is Part #2 available already?🙏


 last year 

Hi @juichi, please am having issues with my Achievement 5 Task 4, i can't view my "recent history" at

Please i need your help.

 last year 

Thanks for this info!

 last year 
 last year 

Yes understood @juichi

Thanks for sharing am new here looking ahead to publish my welcome article here

I'm still a bit confused. Does this mean that when we create a post, we use #club5050 as a hashtag? Or is it something a user is invited into?

 last year 

Penjelasan di atas sangat membantu saya dalam berkembang di steemit
Terimakasih sudah berbagi informasi yang luar biasa ☺🙏

Thank you for this information, I really appreciate it

 10 months ago 

Thank you very much this will really help

I'm still not clear on this.

Not a new comer though, I've just been on and off, i don't wish to run off again and i need someone to put me through.

 9 months ago 

It is very helpful for us. I am doing achievement programm and diary . What else can I do ?

thanks for this info it helps
i,m new greetings from East Africa Tanzania

I still don't know how this goes.

Thanks for the information

 8 months ago 

Thanks for sharing

thank you sir your post really helps me and your friends are the coolest in the world

Hello everyone, I joined the community yesterday and I can already say that I am overwhelmed by the number of quality people that are here. I wish all of us success in our journey. And thank you very much for this important post!

Very helpful information!

Thanks for this info
But I’d love to ask, how do I join a club? Do they have a community where I can register to join this club?
How do I go about it please

 7 months ago 

Hello every one, am Mkponke-Abasi by name am a new comer, please am finding it hard exploring this beautiful websites. Please someone should help me with tutorials, thanks.

Thank you so much gor this piece of advice.

Muchas gracias por la explicación! Estoy muy nueva por acá y la plataforma me motiva mucho hacia el desarrollo de mi portafolio digital sobre los trabajos y proyectos que hago, por lo que deseo participar en las propuestas de inversión. Me gustaría tener un poco más de asesoría para saber cuál de los 3 clubs es en el que puedo encajar mejor. Aclaro que no estoy tomando a Steemit como una fuente para ingresos extra, sino para dar a conocer mi trabajo y proyectarme hacia la web 3.0, compartiendo con las personas a las que les interese lo que hago.

Very Informative article, hope it will help me and the other newcomers to understand & use Steemit in a better way. Let's start the Journey. :)

Gracias por su información, estoy empezando y ha sido de gran ayuda

 5 months ago 

Wow.... long live steemit this is very impressive,an is a very important information to new Comer's

Thanks for your help.

 5 months ago 

Thank you @juichi for sharing this informative post it was really helpful, I will go by the rule and hope to get the best out of Steemit.

 4 months ago 

this is so insightful. it takes one with courage and persistence zeal stay and achieve what steemit holds for us all i'm happy to be here..

Excellent explanation! Thank you! Way more clear now

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