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Hi All - Tom Ryan here,
This is my first post on Steemit.
Totally in the dark here so hoping to learn the ropes pretty quickly.

35 year old from Australia currently studying Project Management in the Health Sector. I have zero experience with Crypto currencies but I am aware of their potential. Hobbies include keep fit, going to theme parks and riding rollercoasters. Love listening to music and learning new things. I am interested in post on new rides and attractions being build. Space travel and crypto currencies. I will be posting lots of different things mainly what interests me.


Hi Tom @toias welcome to steemit! Enjoy making friends and see you around more!

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Thank you @cryptokannon and for the blog re achievement tasks. It is very helpful

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Hi @cryptokannon. Do you know who verifies my achievement 1 task in the Newcomers post? I reposted a pic with steemit on paper but I have not been verified yet.

Hi @toias Tom I have verified you. Sorry for taking so long. See you around more!

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No problem.
Thank you so much I just wasn't sure if there was more that I missed :-)

Hey welcome to steemit - i am your neighbor from NZ

Good to see you joined, if you have any questions let me know

Yo should take a selfie holding a bit of paper with todays date & your steemit user name, its a good way to get verified on here.

check this link out and see what tags they are using for newbies

what part of Aussie are you in?

See ya around

 2 months ago 

From Sydney here - what about you?
Never been to NZ. IT's on the bucket list.

I went to Sydney once for a weekend which was cool, want to go back

This kiwi lives in the Lower North Island by Palmy North

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Welcome to steemit! We are excited to have you as a Steemian. Steemit is a great platform, and a lifelong journey and we look forward to helping you start yours.
As a Steemian of this great platform you will enjoy many unique benefits. Please join some of the communities in this platform to learn more, and also participate in contest that is happening in steemit community.
Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on steem community.
Please feel free to ask questions.

Sorry to say this friend actually this is not Introduction post yet please read on how to do your introduction post here written by @cryptokannon

 2 months ago 

Thank you.
Have updated now so hopefully this is good.

welcome to steemit @toias