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With so many communities available on Steemit, it can be difficult to know where to start.

In this guide, we've taken the first step for you and categorised many of Steemit's communities into 4 groups, linked to our Newcomers Certification.

It is important when joining a new community to read their rules and guidelines as many will expect you to introduce yourself to their community with different requirements to the Newcomers' Community.

Group 🤝

This group of communities is open to everybody and some don't require that you have introduced yourself to the Newcomers' Community.

I'll reiterate the need to read their pinned posts to understand their community requirements as this is crucial to getting off to a good start.

🚺 = Ladies Only

CommunityLanguagesKey Tags 
Colombia-OriginalSpanish, English#art, #craft, #creativewriting, #steemgrowth 
Comunidad LatinaSpanish, Portuguese#art, #betterlife, #creativewriting, #lifestyle, #thediarygame 
Deutsch UnpluggedGerman  
Dream SteemAll  
Healthy SteemAll#creativewriting, #health, #lifestyle, #steemgrowth, #thediarygame 
Incredible IndiaAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #lifestyle, #photography, #thediarygame 
Italy CommunityItalian, English (with Italian Translation)#blog, #crypto, #life, #photography, #writing 
Recreative SteemAll#recreative-art, #recreative-food, #recreative-literature, #recreative-music, #recreative-photography 
Scouts y sus AmigosAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #humanity, #lifestyle, #thediarygame 
Steem4NigeriaEnglish#betterlife, #creativewriting, #lifestyle, #steemgrowth, #thediarygame 
Steem EntrepreneursAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #lifestyle, #steementrepreneurs, #thediarygame 
Steem for BangladeshAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #globalwarming, #lifestyle, #thediarygame 
Steem for Better LifeAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #lifestyle, #story, #thediarygame 
Steem For IndonesiaAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #hobby, #lifestyle, #thediarygame 
Steem For LadiesAll#choices, #food, #photography, #sfldiary, #thediarygame🚺
Steem for PakistanAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #general-knowledge, #lifestyle, #thediarygame 
Steem Kids & ParentsAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #diycollection, #lifestyle, #thediarygame 
Steem of AnimalsAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #ecopetfashion #lifestyle, #thediarygame 
Steem VenezuelaSpanish, All#betterlife, #creativewriting, #lifestyle, #thediarygame, #venezuela 
Steem4BloggersAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #crypto, #lifestyle, #steemgrowth 
Suggestions ClubAll#blockchain, #community, #curation, #engagement, #steemtalk 
Top FamilySpanish, English#cincopalabras, #fotohistoria, #photography, #tbt. #writing 
Traveling SteemAll#ts-culture, #ts-food, #ts-nature, #ts-travel, #travel 
Ukraine on SteemAll  
Venezolanos SteemAll#creativewriting, #music, #photography, #poetry, #writing 
World Of XpilarAll#art, #drawing, #life, #photography, #travel 
WOX SportsAll#sports 

Group 🥈

These communities are aimed at users who have a bit more experience on Steemit and have completed their 1st Progress Report.

Did I mention to read their pinned posts to understand their community requirements? It really is important.

CommunityLanguagesKey Tags 
Hot News CommunityAll#creativewriting, #hotnews, #lifestyle, #thediarygame, #transport 
Shine with SteemAll#art, #creativewriting, #health, #sports, #thediarygame 
Steem CameroonEnglish, French#betterlife, #creativewriting, #lifestyle, #mybestdaycrm, #thediarygame 
Steem Fashion & StyleAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #drawing, #lifestyle, #thediarygame 
Steem SEAAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #indonesia, #lifestyle, #thediarygame 

Group 🥇

These communities need you to have completed the Newcomers Certification.

By now, you'll know what you're doing and will definitely read their pinned posts!

CommunityLanguagesKey Tags 
Hindwhale CommunityAll#betterlife, #creativewriting, #lifestyle, #steemgrowth, #thediarygame 
Steemit Iron ChefAll#creativewriting, #food, #foodies, #sic, #steemit-ironchef 

✉ Invitation Only

These communities are restricted to users who have been invited.

CommunityLanguagesKey Tags 
Project HOPEEnglish#blog, #cryptocurrency, #finance, #life, #motivation 

If you run a community that has not been included, or would like to change any details about your community within this list, please reply to this post.


Wenn du Deutsch sprichst und auf Deutsch (ohne automatischen Übersetzer, gerne mit Rechtschreibhilfe) Texte verfassen kannst/möchtest, gehört auch Deutsch Unplugged zur "Group 🤝".
Wir brauchen kein Zertifikat der "Newcomers' Community", aber wir wünschen eine Vorstellung in DU (Deutsch Unplugged). Bist du uns nicht (mehr) fremd, bist du herzlich willkommen! Dabei gilt natürlich:

read their rules and guidelines

Added - I haven't associated any tags. Yet. #schafe.


Hi, I can contribute some late information ;-)) Dream Steem has no requirements for posts or authors, apart from the rules: no plagiarism, English language and AI used at most as an artistic tool.

If I come across identical texts on other platforms (which happens quite often here, as experienced authors are active on several literary platforms), I will have the legitimate authorship of the respective texts confirmed by inserting the Steem links there.

 last month 


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I don't see a Steem for Doctors community. How about one?🥲

 last month 

All communities are welcome 😊

 last month 

There's no steem for doctors on steemit yet, right? Will need to work on it

yes cool

 last month 

So what exactly are the advantages for newcomers who are already certified?

Or will there be updates regarding community policy or curation?

Please explain to me sir, I hate this ignorance.😔

So what exactly are the advantages for newcomers who are already certified?

Good question and we discussed this before launching the updated initiative.

The original idea of the Achievements Programme was to help people learn about Steemit through the various achievements. It was supported by a curation account. Over time, it became less about education, and more about identity checks (Achievement 1). Which was impossible for Greeters to do from a single post.

So, over the years, the achievement programme was constantly a source of abuse and subsequently, curation was removed.

Assuming that the curation doesn't return, then a user that's been through certification will have proven themselves as an honest user, over a decent period of time. This should give moderators within communities more confidence that a user is who they say they are (and a barrier to support being removed). This doesn't mean that they won't "change their spots" but at least there's some confidence there.

We'd also like it to become something that users can be proud of and we've even discussed creating a "certificate" that can be used in the footer of their posts. We've not reached this point yet.

If these steps are successful, then perhaps in the future, curation will return for the 1st and 2nd period reports.

We'll see how this list develops over time. I expect some movement within the groups of communities which could show the benefits of "unlocking" each level. Time will tell.

To throw your question back at you - what advantages would you like to see for progressing through the certification?

 last month 

what advantages would you like to see for progressing through the certification?

I don't mean to think about profit, but I am more focused on what the function or use of the certification is.

If you reflect on the previous rules, after making an achievement-1 post and being verified by the greeter, then the user can be said to be a free user adventuring on the platform. So what are achievements-2, 3 and so on for?

Now with the new rules, I hope that certification is not just a description, there must be other considerations, I will wait for that.

maybe it will be clearer if I change the question.
What are the disadvantages of users who do not follow the certification?

If you reflect on the previous rules, after making an achievement-1 post and being verified by the greeter, then the user can be said to be a free user adventuring on the platform. So what are achievements-2, 3 and so on for?

This is what I saw the problem to be with the previous approach. When it was first launched, the Achievements represented learning and users were rewarded for their learning. Once users stopped being rewarded, they stopped learning and as you say, they became free. This put a lot of responsibility on the Greeters to assess somebody from a single post. I'm certainly repeating myself here but it's one of the main reasons for the change.

What are the disadvantages of users who do not follow the certification?

Different communities will have different requirements. So from a community point of view, most are still open to the "greeted" status although some want a little more confidence in who enters their community. So I would say that the disadvantage is that users without it will find these communities more difficult to join and will encounter additional "suspicion" when trying to do so.

The certification is aimed to give moderators additional confidence in the users that hold it.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with the accounts that previously used Achievement 1 as their "free ride" and how communities will respond. Will more communities perform their own additional "background checks"? Will more communities decide that there are too many suspicious users and move to a different Group?

I know that I'm explaining myself very badly. So perhaps an old comment of mine will explain better..


 last month 

Thank you for your explanation sir, I'm sure there will be better developments on Steemit.

My understanding is still very limited about the platform and community policies, you have successfully helped me to expand it.


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 last month 

A nice way to tell newcomers to join communities but I am surprised to see no mention of the community that promotes newbies in a big way and even keeps them as beneficiaries.
Dream Steem

We have a couple of contests going on, and one of them is especially for newbies

Contest : The world of fantasy : Newcomers' special but all are welcome

CONTEST: "The Keyword of the Week" / WETTBEWERB: "Das Schlüsselwort der Woche"

We allow newcomers to show their creativity in fiction writing.


We are looking forward to the ladies entertaining us with any of their posts.
As for the men, don’t feel left out. There are contests that you can also participate in.

Steem For Ladies

 last month (edited)

Good job!

Here is one other community called 👉 Solar Steem.

It's not a general community. It rather focuses on..

✅People who have solar installed to report on performance and issues
✅ Reviews of solar equipment (most preferably from solar technicians)
✅ Install instructions or lessons... etc.., preferably from solar technicians.

 last month 

Deportes WOX

It's not - it's still being moderated - It's just VERY quiet and desperate for people to start writing about sports in there. Where have all the sports authors gone?


 last month 

Hola como puedo ser moderador junto a tu equipo de trabajo.

At the moment, there's no requirement for additional moderators because the community's not busy enough. There used to be a very active sports community on Steemit and my hope is that over time, this will rejuvenate. When it does, there'll be more opportunity for additional moderators.

 last month 

ok me anotas en su lista de aspirantes con gusto trabajare dedicadamente para juntos fortalezcamos la comunidad y esta bella plataforma..
he querido ser moderador pero no me an brindado oportunidad y tengo mas de un año en espera..

 last month 

Hi my brother @the-gorilla, I am very happy to be able to join the steemit platform on May 9 2024, I see now, including my brother @the-gorilla, he has become a newcomer and already has a new label (🤝). As a newcomer, it is very important for me to learn about this program that my brother has published. Many things have changed now. This new label is very suitable for newcomers who join in 2024. Hopefully, the newcomer members will always be successful in their future and I hope that too It has been verified by the Newcomer team. They manage accounts regularly and consistently so that account growth continues to develop in the future.

As a newcomer, it is very important for me to post something like this, so that I know more about Steemit, I also know all the communities on the Steemit platform, Thank you very much my brother for explaining everything, I hope my brother's days are always fine and healthy , So that you can share posts that contain Steemit guidance.

Ohh... yes, my brother, when I post in an outside community like the Xpilar community, I will verify again... I'm just trying to ask, because I'm a newcomer here... But right now I'm still focusing on working in the community. Indonesia, my main point is that I have to focus on one place where I work. I am very happy if you support and guide me here. I am Ulfatulrahmah, greetings from Indonesia for my brothers who are far away.

Hopefully I will be successful here, Remain consistent and regularly write good posts and works, Very grateful to the Steemit Platform, As long as I join here, my daily life is full of enthusiasm to provide the best works here Amen.

Oh yeah... On my birthday, don't forget my brother @the-gorilla to come to my special post😀.

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