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Lets' talk on What is Plagiarism?

First, we will understand what is the meaning of Plagiarism. Let's quickly check the same on Google.

The meaning is simple that we are just copying the contents, videos. photos which made/created by others and without mentioning/providing the original source of it we are showing like its own.

There are different types of Plagiarism which include:

1. Copying and pasting from a source without enclosing the text in quotation marks and providing a citation. 

2. Summarizing or rewording someone else's ideas without providing a citation. 

3. Reusing an assignment you submitted for a previous course.This is called self-plagiarism. 

4. Submitting an assignment completed by someone else. 

5. Collaborating on an assignment with a classmate or friend on an assignment meant to be completed individually. 

6. Writing a paper that strings together quote after quote or paraphrases, even if cited correctly. Your work must include your own original. 

7. expression of ideas. To add originality to your assignment, include your own critical analysis, interpretation, and examples. 

8. Incorrect paraphrasing. When a paraphrase too closely resembles the original it is considered patchwriting.


It is always good to be a creative and innovative, these qualities improve our thinking power, you will be confident to take a decesion. Copying and pasting will stuck your growth.

For suggestion, opinion, idea we can take the help of other sources, but depending completely and take a whole story is not good.

I understad Copying and pasting is not really that much easy when we present it at somewhere, but if we are not presenting the original then whenever we use other sources and presenting the same matter, include those sources and appriciate them too.

Originality is important:- 

Incorporate originality into your work by: 

1. Analyzing the sources you use, rather than merely summarizing arguments 

2. Presenting your ideas in a unique way, not copying the structure or pattern of a source's argument 

3. Coming up with your own examples to support a point 

4. Relating examples to your experiences


Lets understand in simple, it does not matter the length of story, whatever it is make sure it will original and if you are using stories, images, videos from other creators make sure you will use those sources so that readers will understand from where it came from.

With the help of article, I completely understand the importance about the Plagiarism. Hope this post will help you to understand the same.


Thank You.

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