Steem Ville Community unveils it's Curator account @steem.ville

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Hello steemians,

Steem Ville Community as the name implies is a Villa created to gather steemians, mostly newbies in order to build-up their discouraged hope and equiped them for a greater steemit investment in future as explained on @chrisdsteemport intro post

Registered and gone steemians:

Many steemians(newbies) had come and gone, not because they are not good in putting up a good article nor seems to be bridging the law of steemit. None of the above. To be truthful- no one accepts to stay where he/she is discouraged and looks rejected.

If a newbie's wonderful good looking content is not upvoted, even a little to an extent, he/she would be discouraged and feels not recognized.
As they say- "Children are the hope of tomorrow". Therefore, newbies are the hope of steemit tomorrow. Get me one newbie that succeeds on steemit and you must see at list 10 new steemians around him/her (members he/she introduced to steemit).

The success of a newbie grows new investors to steemit in time to come. Meaning that a newbie today maybe one of the steem opinion leaders tomorrow.

Looking at that points, you must agree with us that newbies have to be convinced while new ones keep coming in. Online traffic is very necessary and important on steemit. Therefore We introduce the power horse that is to grow the lost hope of steemians called- Steem Ville Community and it's Curator account @steem.ville


@steem.ville curator account is a sector of Steem Ville Community that is created for the constant support of steemians content mostly newbie's posts and it's community members by continues upvote, Steem Contests and steem/crypto teachings. The posts of the top steemians can be supported too.


Steem Ville Community admins had done a lots of it's work so far to make its curator account @steem.ville a successful dream come true

  • Steem Ville Pioneers: The pioneers are created amongst steemians to help kick-start the constant growth of @steem.ville's voting strength (Steem Power) by their amiable delegeted SPs and steem supports which involves @ikechukwu411 @blaisebass1 @nackasnelson @rosita-nkefor @chiabertrand @mcharmattan @majerius @chrisdsteemsport with a slogan- Together we win!

  • Steem Ville Community Contest: Despite all challenges @steem.ville must constantly set an easy contest for members and other steemians to partake, there by encouraging steemians and newbies the hope of steem success.
    In doing that every reward gotten from its post must be powered-up and for contests.

  • Steem Ville Community Post (contents): @steem.ville account must always create a content that relates to steem growth promo and cryptocurrency teachings, not only to reward but also grow their steem thoughts. Here members powering up must be constantly told.

  • Steem.ville Curation trail: This steemauto is created by @worldofxpilar team, where steemians can join an account curation trail.
    When registered and follow @steem.ville curation trail, you will be automatically upvoting member's post that @steem.ville upvoted.

Remember if many follows steem.ville curation trail, it means during your turn to upvote, same steemians following the trail will also automatically supports your post.
In doing that, members helping each other vision will go so easy.
Click here to register and follow steem.ville curation trail.

  • Steemians Supports: steemians both members and non members are urge to always support @steem.ville curator account, neither by steems or Steem Power delegation, for no support you gives goes for nothing. Surely @steem.ville account must heavily reward you back.

We are always encouraged by these top steemians promoting programs
@steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and @booming01 for their constant content supports thereby truly encouraging newbies to keep hope alive.
@xpilar's wox bestpick %100 power up program
@stephenkendal's Promosteem program,
@edlili24's 100steem support of Venezuela community.
@davidad's easy contest- funny face
@dobartim's steemschool program, teaching and encouraging steemians to always power up and get other newbie to steemit.
@mukada who is the first top steemians to subscribe to steem ville community
@infovore's constant post support to @chrisdsteemport's post that helps him build this vision for steem constant growth.
And other steemians who had supported mostly newbies in one way or the other.

Greater Thanks to you all👆


 9 months ago 

This is great. Together we will build @steem.ville Community through our hardwooks and sacrifices

 9 months ago 

Together we win sir. Nothing is impossible for us. It may look like we are babies today. But slowly we shall grow☺️

 9 months ago 

Great Post @steem.ville
I am already seeing success at the Conner
With sacrifice we Overtake
With focus we Achieve
With support we Balance
Together We Win
We move with Speed.
Subscribe to Steem Ville Community now no time to check time.
I am in are you in?

 9 months ago 

Good to hear from you, you're doing good on this community.

 8 months ago 

It feels good to be here. Together we are stronger. @Steem.ville 🚀

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