Steem Ville Community is out- join Us

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Greetings steemians

Steem Ville Community as the name implies is a Villa that gathers steemians together for their goodwill, accepts different skills and supports member's posts. Recruitment of new members to (steem promo and steem orientation) is our key-point.

The creativity post of it's members, skills and originality are valued here. Steem Villa Community accepts all series of post, being a villa/steem city/body that cares for it's members post despite how differ the skill may be.
We are always ready to encourage and follow up the good interest of our members

As it is known, the power and growth of steemit is resting upon members flow and investment.

NM: New members
INV: Investment
MSP: Members Steem power
S: Steem
NM×NM= INV+MSP= Steem growth

Just as it is, the always recruitment of new members to steemit attracts investment as steem grows. With a great push, Steem Ville Community has now come-out with a great command in aim to bring members together as family for each other's support.

In no doubt, it is very difficult for new member's wonderful posts to be upvoted, until they build a good relationship with the top steemians maybe by interacting with them through comments, if not that, nothing. That thereby discouraging the power push of a newbie in steemit struggling.

Here, members over all interests are so valued and save here.


  • Steemit new members recruitment
  • Members post support
  • Community Contests
  • Steem Orientation
  • Newbie's fast growth
  • Charity support
  • Communities relationship


  • steady growth
  • Newbie's steem hope.
  • Charity

In doing that, the post project of @chrisdsteemsport coming soon, where he tends to steem-up Nigeria, starting from Eastern Part of Nigeria. and the good work of @stephenkendel's Steem Promo Project

We have created a successful and acreditable Whatssap and Telegram platform where members interacts and drops their new post for the community and each other member's support (members helps each other) thereby creating a sense of belonging to mostly the newbies.

Steem Ville Community Whatssap platform

Steem Ville Community Telegram platform

Join here

A heavy Thanks to this amiable steemians @infovore and @davidad for your hospitality and supports in encouraging steem Ville community stand out.

We call on the top good hearted steemians for their supports and promise not to be ungrateful. Let's keep pushing steem



Great push...
I joined this vision, mostly where newbies are being help to grow.

Let's keep the vision burning

Good job bro. Allah will help you .