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My Introduction


My name is SHAFQAT HUSSAIN,I belong to Distt Lakkimarwat, KPK, PAKISTAN.
I am a simple man as well as stylistic nature to some extent. Beside these, i am well educated upto third continued year of BS English. I have got my primary education from village, I have done my SSC from a well known high school( Ayub M H S manji wala lakki Marwat), I have done my FSc from a well known College (Govt. Degree College Sarie Naurang), and know i am admitted in a famous and well known University( University Of Science and Technology Bannu)at department of English and Applied linguistics.

Family Background


I belong to a poor family. My father is former and my uncle is a shopkeeper. I have no any other financial support except my father and uncle occupations. Therefore,I join steemit as a best financial source.

My Hobby



My best hobby is gardening. Gardening gives me great pleasure and give a hope of better feelings. I spent my free time there. There is a lot of types of flowers in my garden.Each type has there own nature's beauty and fragrances. There beauty and sweet fragrances attract the soul and heart of me. I was invited by @artist1111

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Hola Bienvenido

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Hi and firstly I'll WELCOME you wholeheartedly on this beautiful platform of STEEMIT.
Here you will earn by producing some good quality content but keep in mind it should be your own I mean original content.
Secondly I invite you To complete your all Achivements tasks in Newcomers community given by @cryptokannon.
These all tasks will enable you to know much about Steemit and you will get good experience of publishing quality content hence chances of getting reward will be increased.
Moreover you will also learn that what is content etiquette and how to avoid from plagiarism,and also how to attract Authors on your Posts by applying Markdown.
In Short you will learn each and every rules and regulations of beautiful STEEMIT Platform.

At last I'll also suggest you some good communities where you can publish your content.Although there are many good Communities which you can join on the base of your interest,it depends upon you that in which kind of community you are interested but here I'll list some Communities and still if you find any problem in finding community do mention me surely I'll guide you.

Moreover I'll also suggest you to follow SteemitBlog in order to get all new updates on Steemit.
Regards @arrowgate A team member from greeter team! And have a nice day🙂

Congratulations !
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Hi, @shafqathussain,

Your post has been supported by @heriadi from the Steem Greeter Team.

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