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Hello everyone,

Its a great pleasure to be part of steemit platform and i will like to start all this by introducing myself.



My name is Padmore Edmund a twenty years old boy who comes from the upper east region of Ghana specifically Navrongo.

St.Johns R/C Primary School is where i started my work of study because that was where i had my nursey, kindergateen and primary education which is located in the upper west region of Ghana precisely Wa.

I proceeded to Presbytarian Junior High School, Navrongo where a had a certificate in Basic Education Certificate Examination(BECE) ansd agin proceeded to Notre Dame Seminary Senior High School, Navrongo where i later had a cerficate West African Secondary School Certificate Examination(WASSCE).

I again continued to the University For Development Studies, Navrongo where am currently perssuing a bachelor degree in Biochemistry

I have some knowlege and experience in cryptocurrency because i trade in bitcoin.I usually buy and sell for bitcoin investers and mostly i go online to research more on it.

I love playing ball, playing video games and also playing of trumpet.But my favourite of all is the playing of trumpet because usually that is what i always do when am idle. I started it when i was a kid mostly when attending church service,one of ours young pastors who was their leader made me get in touch with because when ever he is going he will send me along.This really made me love playing it and till now i play when ever i go to church.


I am a type of person who loves reading peoples post,learning something and also posting for others to achieve, have fun and learn more as well.

It was throgh my beloved brothers @najaywan and @fadil1 who made me to find steemit and am ever ready to learn more about cryptocurrency and also convince more peoples into this platform.

Thank you very much @njaywan and @fadil1 for assisting me.


Welcome to Steemit world! Explore and engage in Communities. Enjoy learning and strolling on posts and you'll soon understand more about the platform. For your blogs and exciting games, join us at Steeming Community managed by @kryptokannon.

See you there!

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Thank you fellow steemian

Welcome to the world of Steem!

If you want to get started right away, the following community could be of interest to you:

You are also invited to take part in my daily delegation draws.
There are 100 and more SteemPower to be won every day.
100 SP can make the start much easier for newcomers in particular.
Here is the link to the current raffle:

I wish you a great time on our blockchain!

Steem on!

Yours @kryptodenno

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Thank you

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Welcome to steemit @padmore. Our ghanaian community is happy to welcome you on board. Be sure to stay consistent and follow @steemitblog for updates. Don't forget to check out better life with steem here.

I and @oppongk are ever ready to assist you with anything on this platform.

Welcome once again.

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Thank you boss @njaywan

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