Achievement 6 by @oshimadu : Understanding Curation and Community

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Hii steemians

This time I come to you with my achievement6, I want to thank of greeters team in Steemit for the help they contributed in order to fully achieve this journey in order to help and verified achievement us in the use of this beautiful social network called Steemit .



To continue we will answer the questions of the corresponding achievement6.

1. How to you understand how the voting and curation system works in Steemit?

If I understand how the voting and curation system works within the platform. The vote is the value that is given to an author when he makes a publication, the value of the vote increases according to our amount of sp, that is, the more sp, that is, the more sp of the curator who casts the vote, the greater our value will be if the sp is low the vote will be very low. Also by casting a vote we are being curators since we will be evaluating the quality and work of other people in this case after 7 days have passed since the same vote has voted, they will have a division of 50% to the author 50% to the curator who gave their positive vote for that post.

2. What condition if you vote on a post after 5 minutes of posting?

The curation system has an established period, it may happen that we make a vote at the time the publication goes out, no and we will not obtain the curation of the rewards of the return and this would remain in a group where the rewards, the rewards vary according to their lapse of time in this way is the time of the publications to be able to vote it.

  • In the first minute, the curator receives 20% and 80% remains in the reward pool.

  • In the after second minute, the curator receives 40% and 60% remains in the reward pool.

  • In the third minute, the curator receives 60% and 40% remains in the reward pool.

  • In the fourth minute, the curator receives 80% and 20% remains in the reward pool.

  • In the fifth minute (or later) after posting, 100% of the curation reward goes to the curator.

  • It is very important to vote after 5 minutes since we could have 100% of the reward.

3 Who will you vote for as a witness? Why?

For my personal use I would vote as a witness for @steemchiller and @steem-agora they are very important witnesses since they have contributed a lot to the platform to make it the best it is, now they have developed a lot of tools that are very good in our life within steemit. They are also in charge of the blockchain network, they do their functions so that it works correctly.


I will see below image where you can check list with the main witnesses.then we can use the Review ""


4 What communities will you join? Why?.

a community where every day it teaches very good things, I am friendly with any new user and it seems to me an excellent community where there are many whole world friends from all over the states.

@ Newcomers'Community community where we make ourselves known and realize our achievement day by day.

We need to join with communitis beacuse without join groug we can't success our steemit journey then i have joined with some communities.


So I have the beautiful pleasure of finishing my achievement 6 I hope you like it and that Good bye and good day.



You've got a free upvote from witness fuli.
Peace & Love!

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Hello, I am reddileep from Greeter Fairy Team.

I am happy to announce that you have successfully completed your achievement task. Now you are eligible for performing your next Achievement Task and you can refer Lists of Achievement Tasks posts to understand about your next Achievement Task which was published by @cryptokannon

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Thank you so much

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Hi, @oshimadu,

Your post has been supported by @nahela from the Steem Greeter Team.

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