Achievement 5, task 1 by @ oshimadu: Review

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Hello friends,

After completed my achievement 04 ,i will represent my next achievement 5task 1 with review ,


01 - How can we see the historical rewards summary, for the last 30 days and the last 7 days?

To view this history we must go to the steemworld extension as shown at this address
which we can modify by modifying our username at the end and be automatically directed from the example link @Username (dont put the space)

having done this and being directed to the Dapp we will be able to visualize according to the image the summary of REWARDS in the last 30 days.



02 - Explain, what is the delegations are, what kind of delegations can be done and how to do it.

When we discuss what is delegation we need know What are delegations?

Here show the incoming and outgoing delegations for your account. When a steem proxy is delegated to you.

These can be located in the same user tab and see the record of these.


I understand that they are amounts of other users of the platform with respect to their voting power, which we will see later on its meaning and operation within the platform. Having said this there are 2 types of Delegations
the starters and the outgoing ones. each one corresponds to its own name, let's see with images.

The incoming delegation shows the record of operations or delegations assigned to our user in this way we can see which user makes a delegation of Power to our account without the need to go to the wallet.


Below we see an image of how to locate the outgoing as it shows details of the assignment of power made from our account or other users of the platform and keep quick records.


In addition to the incoming and outgoing delegation tabs we find expired delegations these are delegations with expiration periods in this case they had a certain date for a certain period of time that is the objective of this tab
"BEWARE if for some reason you cannot view your data" I recommend clicking the update button(expiring). to refresh the data.


Now how do we make a delegation to another user?

We must click on the delegate tab which will open a new window which will ask us to login with our username and activation key to confirm this transaction.


Here we can see the new tab that we can easily locate the requested data

User name to perform the delegation

SP amount to delegate

When filling in and checking said data, we click on the OK button, which will take us to the login process for confirmation.


03 - Explain how to check the votes you made and the ones you received, do not forget to include screens of both.

In order to view the Votes history we must go to the main user tab, statistics option and go to the end of it to see in the lower part to the right Votes Count and CSI Voting these 2 options will allow us to show our current vote history .

  • Incoming Votes


  • Outgoing Votes


04 - Explains how to review the operations of an account in the last 7 days and what details can be seen.

To view the history and its record, we must go to the Operations drop-down tab, which will have a selection menu of the operations that we want to locate. You can select the type of operation and action of this.


05 - Explain what curation, author, Also mention what your author and curator rewards were for the last 7 days.

The curation rewards are the allocation of Votes for the posts which are the ones that add a $ value when you count them. They have enough Voting Power and can grant this benefit. It is recommended as it helps to average the impact of the account.



Curation rewards are the rewards obtained for our curation work, in this case our allocation of votes to other publications.

Author Rewards are the rewards obtained for the assignment of votes with value made by other users to our publications.

06 - Explain how to see the value of your vote and the different types of values ​​using this tool.

What is the voting power?

Here shows the corresponding $ values ​​of the different voting percentages.

Then the graph is a sample to calculate your current bottling power according to the statistics and scope that your account has at the time of the calculation and give accurate estimates of your voting and calculation power. I want to emphasize that you have an option to modify this data to make calculations for the enhance of the account.



This has been my 5th achievement task1, I hope you liked it ..I like this platform and learn a lot every day.

Thanks to @cryptocannon for helping complete to my achievement 5 task1.

Good day.

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Hello @oshimadu, I am @reddileep from Greeter Fairy Team.

I am happy to announce that you have successfully completed your achievement task. Now you are eligible for performing your next Achievement Task and you can refer Lists of Achievement Tasks posts to understand about your next Achievement Task which was published by @cryptokannon

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Thank you so much.

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Hi, @oshimadu,

Your post has been supported by @heriadi from the Steem Greeter Team.

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