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Hello Steemians
Greetings everyone hope you all doing just fine am glad to post here. Am writing this post to complete My Achievement 2 task required by @cryptokannon.



Security can said to be freedom from or against , potential harm caused by others.

Security System On STEEMIT
It is Quite important for newbies and some old users on STEEMIT to know how security on STEEMIT works.

Have I Retrieve all my keys on STEEMIT
I have retrieved all my keys and saved them in my gmail and also in my personal computer.

How can I keep my Steemit Account Secure
I have safe them very well. I backup all my keys on my google cloud. It is very important for you to keep your keys very safe not reviewing your keys to people it is not wise doing so.

You see keys in your account whenever you login or you have been hearing about keys, and you ask your self what are the keys? What are they use for?.

STEEMIT has five different types of keys or password and each of them is associated with an account. These keys are your posting keys, owner keys, master key, active key and memo key. Each keys has their functions.

Posting Key
Posting key are used for your daily activities on STEEMIT such as your posting, login, comments, upvotes, downvotes, and so on.

Owner key
The Owner Key, is responsible for every change or transaction that can be done on your account including everything the posting/active keys can do. The owner key is used to vote for Steem witnesses, who are the accounts who produce the Steem blockchain.

Memo Key
Memo keys is used to take care of encrypted transactions and encrypted messages. This key is a unique key that have access to decrypt and encrypt messages directly sent to private in boxes.

Master Key
Master key is a very unique key that is use to retire all keys or change any keys if the user suspect any form of malicious act in their account. It is advisable to keep it very safe.

Do you know how to transfer your steem token to another user account?

With help of @basky14 I have learnt how to transfer steem to another account or to another cryptocurrency platform. To transfer steem is very simple task to do.


  • Firstly you click on your wallet, when it opens there is a drop-down menu with steem written on it you click on it.


  • After clicking on it a drop down menu will show where you see transfer and other write up. Click on transfer.


  • After clicking on transfer a menu will display where you will fill in the account which you want to transfer too and the amount of steem you want to transfer too. After filling it you click on next


  • A menu will display where you will fill in your username and Active key. Then you click on so in.


Do you know how to Power up
To power up is quite simple and easy thanks to @basky14.

  • Still click on the drop down menu in your wallet that has the amount of steem you have. When you click on it a drop-down menu will display then click on Power up.


  • After clicking on Power up a menu will display where you will fill in the amount of steem you want to Power up. After filling the amount you want to power up click on the Power up button.

  • Sign in your your username and Active key and click on sign in. Congrats u have just power up.


@cryptokannon this is my review on the basic security on steemit and here is my Achievement 1 Task

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Welcome to steemit blog

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