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Hello steemians
Am Mirembes a student of Makerere university business school.people make fun of me because of my big eyes.Am doing a bachelor of science in Finance second year.Am proud to be a Ugandan. What inspires me to be a healthy hard working woman help students who also live with their single mothers like me cause it’s too tiresome more especially when you want necessities like personal needs and tuition as well. Right now am still student pausing a degree .

I live in Buddo , am staying with my mother. At home we have a firm of pigs and some little hens. It’s the only a source of income which my Mother earns for a living.
I love socializing with people and learn from them cause I feel more happier with them.
In my hobbies are ;I love worshiping the Lord every where I go, I love watching series like there is a serry which am following every weekend it called Fear factor
this is where you’re given different activities to do but are so difficult they are not easy to pass them. After you have done them perfectly then win $50,000 only one person need to win.The category of people should be six three women and three men.It’s really interesting and I love it.You should also start to watching it .It’s really a fear factor you can be escared of something but beneficial.Thank you
Right now am in lecture room studying principles of accounting.
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Hey @mirembes,

Welcome to Steemit. Thanks for your lovely introduction. Steemit is a Blockchain based platform which rewards you for creating original content. To succeed, you just need to engage with others. You can start by replying to all comments in your posts. Read other people's writeups and leave a reply. Subscribe to communities of your interest here and participate in contests that rewards in Steem.

If you stay active, you will be supported here by others. I wish you a great experience blogging on Steemit.

I share with you the awesome Newcomers Program by @cryptokannon. By completing these tasks, you can learn more about the Steemit ecosystem.

Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources

Also go through Attention Newcomers~

For general information on Steemit, follow @steemitblog.

Best wishes,

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Thanks @brahmaputra

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Welcome to steemit. Steemit is a much better platform. By joining Steemit, you can build relationships with people from all over the world. You can also learn about the culture of different countries. From here you can learn a lot.

My contests:

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Compilation of Ongoing Contests on Steemit 🏆 17 May 2021 🏆 5% of this post will go to BD Charity

Don't forget to follow @steemitblog for updates.

All the best. Hope you will do well.

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Welcome to the steemit family dear @mirembes. I am pleased to have you join us here.
You have been verified and you may proceed to the next achievement task at your convenience.”

To enjoy your experience here, it will be wise if you try and finish all your achievement posts in the @newcommers community, follow @steemitblog for #contest updates. Join communities like @steemitfoods for your food posts, and @steemalive for any other posts, @steemitnursery where you can write about any topic of your choice. There are still other communities you can join with time.

There is need to interact with your fellow steemians, therefore, join your fellow africans in steemalive telegram for Uyo and other cities without cordinator.
Join the African food lovers whatsapp and telegram group page here, we will put you through on how to make an acceptable posts in the communities.

you can also join Steemwomens whatsapp group heregroup where you can create conents about women

You can start with @thediarygame season 3 where you will tell us about your days activities.

Welcome ones more. If you follow the rules, the sky will be your starting point, you will steem to the moon and beyond,trust me. Love you dear

**Curation Rate- 3

You have been curated by @yohan2on, a country representative (Uganda) and a member of the SteemPOD team. We are curating using the steemcurator04 curator account to support steemians in Africa.

You are most welcome to the steemit platform.

Always follow @ steemitblog for updates on Steemit

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Ok Yohan2on how can I learn to do it cause have been off awhile

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Hey @mirembes
I'm @fiatht Welcome you to Steemit

First of all you have made a very good introductory post.

Firstly, to tell you Steemit is a block chain based where you can get rewards for sharing your daily life storys, photos, work, Diary game and your content such as Writing,your best day, Photography, diary games and many others.
it important for you to keep up with the achievement program post by @cryptokannon , from 1 to 6 in other to have a very successful staying here on steemit by completing these achievements you can learn how to use Steemit , like applying markdown , using wallet , use of key and all your account information. and also you will know what to do that will be beneficiary and what to avoid. you are highly welcome once again.

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Thanks @fiatht for appreciating my post.

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HELLO, welcome to steemit. Many greetings and blessings from Venezuela, in South America

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Thanks gusvilla4 for appreciating my introduction

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