#Achivement1-Hello everyone!This is my introduction post to steemit.

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Hello guys!! I’m Madhuri Munasinghe from Srilanka. It’s a great pleasure to join with the steemit community. I’m 25 years old and studying at Kalutara Pasdunrata national college of education with the intention of becoming a teacher. As the government is using our college as a quarantine center we all have been given vacation. We don’t know how long we will have to stay at the home, maybe more than two or three months because of the sudden second wave of covid-19 but we have lectures through the internet on weekdays.

I received my primary and secondary education from President's college, Embilipitiya. Before entering college, I never had a dream of becoming a teacher but with the time I have embraced my college life dearly and it's changing my life in a really good manner. I spend a hard but happy life full of experiences with my colleagues. College life daily trains us to face hardships, overcome challenges, life skills, and many more qualities that a teacher should develop in her life. Hostel life teaches us how to manage our works by ourselves like washing our clothes, keep everything neat and clean, get the dress in a proper and tidy manner, and many more. There are tons of things about my college life so I will write more about those later.
Then let me tell you about my personal preferences a bit. Actually, I’m kind of an introvert person since my school time. Now also it’s the same up to some extent. I prefer my peace and quiet but it doesn’t mean that I’m not a sociable person. Basically, I prefer reading since my childhood. Reading a book on the bed all over the day with something to munch is the best relaxation for me and it brings me to a whole new world.It calms my mind and relives my stress. I’m more likely to read translated novels and books from my favorite authors. Harry potter series by J.k Rowling and Chetan Bhagat books are my all-time favorites. I have a personal collection of books and I used to refer the library nearby my hometown but unfortunately, it is closed due to the corona pandemic so that I have no new books to read. listening to my favorite kind of music is something I also love the most. I prefer English songs and Hindi songs the most also I have an interest in k-pop as well. Watching movies also relaxes me a good movie teaches a lot of life lessons. I prefer to watch English movies, Hindi movies especially Telugu, Malayalam and there can be romantic, thriller, crime, rom-com most of the time. I like to experiment food recipes most of the time I could make them well. I like to make snacks, rice dishes, and desserts the most.Many people think that cooking is a big deal. But I don’t think so because nowadays anyone can learn cooking through the internet very easily as there are millions of cooking videos on YouTube, thousands of recipes on websites. Nowadays it’s my method of learning cooking.


In addition to all these traveling is something I love the most. Especially places hidden and full of natural beauty are my favorite. I have visited many places of Srilanka like beaches, mountains, temples, parks. I have plans of traveling with my friend but unfortunately, this corona pandemic ruins my plans. It’s common to every one in the country.so after our country turns to the previous state everyone will able to travel again. I have some dream countries where I like to visit one day including Switzerland, Australia, and India.so I want to make it come true by working hard.

Im so much thankful to my friend @dilshan96 and @randulakoralage for introducing me to this great opportunity. I hope all of you will enjoy my first article. As I’m new to this I tried my best to write well.so guys comment on your ideas below then it will help me to improve my writing more…

Please follow all the safety precautions during the pandemic.
stay safe all!!
Thank you..


Welcome mate 🤟😊❤️

Thank you 😍😍

 6 months ago 

Hey Madu, welcome to STEEMIT!

You'll love it here, interesting contests and much space to write about anything we like.


Another one who speaks my language 💖💖💖💖

About me, you're gonna see lot of writings about movies. Some are very simple ones, anyway you're welcome to read them!

Okay.. movies😅😅😅 see how much you priorities it😅😅

Definitely I will ☺️❤️

Thank you so much @praveenw96 😍
I will definitely checkout your writings and nice to meet you another srilankan 🇱🇰.

Hi.. Welcome to the steemit..

studying at Kalutara Pasdunrata national college of education

My friend Roshani is also studying in the same collage. Now she on her internship period..

It seems you love to reading..♥️♥️

Keep reading.. keep writing !!

Yes I love reading..and I'm happy to hear that your friend is from our college 💚

Hi @madhumunasinghe, Nice intro dear... and don't forget to put the achievement1 tag in the tag list....

So friend , welcome to the steemit... Go ahead 🤗🤗🤗🤗

Suree @sandupi. Thank you so much 😍👊

 6 months ago 

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Welcome to the Steemit world!

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Thank you so much..

 6 months ago 

hi @madhumunasinghe. welcome to steemit. It is nice to see more Sri Lankans here. 😍

you have written this brilliantly. Outcome shows that you have really worked on it. Hope you will continue this in the future too. 👏👏👏

Small advice from me: make short paragraphs. it is easy to read. otherwise lazy people will skip the content no matter how worth it is.😊 Also make sure to mention sources of the photographs in the upcoming article. 🙌

Hope you can have a long journey here. 😍

Thank you so much @sandu for all your ideas.Yes I think I should avoid too long paragraphs because it's kinda boring for someone ☺️. Thank you again

Hi @madhumunasinghe you are warmly welcome to the steemit community.. You have a great chance to share whatever you like and your passion. Meanwhile you will have a good income..
best of luck... 😄😄

Thank you @damithudaya..☺️☺️
I will do my best
Wish you good luck

 6 months ago 

welcome to steemit.

Thank you friend ❤️☺️

 6 months ago 

Welcome to the Steemit Community, which was built with smiles and lot of love! 🤩

Thank you so much 😍

Hi @madhumunasinghe,
You are mostly welcome to Steemit!! ❤️
Hope you enjoy your time here and best wishes for your future goals 🤗

Keep steeming

Thank soo much @anusha96 😍

 6 months ago 

Hi, @madhumunasinghe.
Welcome to steemit.
Follow @steemitblog for updates.
Have a nice day

Suree ☺️☺️
Thank you so much

Thank you so much ☺️

Thank you so much ☺️

Hay.. Welcome to steemit 😃✌ Hope you enjoy writing here

@pusidu thank you so much ☺️☺️
Definitely i will 😍😍

Hello @madhumunasinghe, Warmly welcome to the steem world. You selected very suitable place for improve your abilities and desires. Yeah... quarantine stopped our many favorite activities like travelling etc...You have good dreams and I hope you'll stay here with long term vision. You can select right communities for various types of writing. Good luck.

Thank you so much for all the good wishes ☺️❤️
I will definitely try must best...

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