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RE: Steemit Minnow Support Achievement 2

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Hello @Punicwax!! Thanks for working in your achievement2. I would only suggest that you should not send your keys through email, these are always read by services like gmail or hotmail in order to send publicity. You can store in your pc using a locker, a little app that encrypts your files to store in a more secure way. I use this free service:

Also I suggest you for your next posts, to reference your experiences with snapshots of your steps on the tasks.

Could you mention one other use for the posting key?
Could you mention one trusted site to share your posting key?

Best wishes for all the projects!!


Sure, the posting key is for posting, replying, voting, etc

 7 months ago (edited)

Here is a secondary website you enter your keys in, to vote for witnesses.

 7 months ago 

Hello, @Punicwax!! Your post is now rewarded!!
Personal experience and reflections on the learnings will always be appreciated!
Best wishes for all the projects!

Thank you

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