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RE: How to put TAGs on your Steemit Post

in Newcomers' Community3 years ago

excellent post for newcomers, but I have a doubt, whenever I try to place the eighth tag the system tells me that I am already in my limit, so I can only place 7.


Hi @leonelb that probably because you posted into a community, the community tag will be your first tag in this case for example Newcomers Community tag is hive-172186 then follow by your other tags.
If you post to your own blog, your first tag will be your primary tag.

 3 years ago 

Thank you for responding, I also had another question. About a week ago I published my achievement 2, but no moderator passed leaving the message of approved. So I was wondering if I have the right to continue with the achievement 3.

 8 months ago 

Hello cryptokannon, i have a litle question, how we must use the tag 50/50? colud you guide to me ? thanks a lot

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