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Good afternoon friends. I am happy to join this platform called "Steemit". So glad to made a correct step in the benefit direction.
About Me


My names are Emmanuel Joseph. I am from Abia State, Item bende L.G.A. I have the zeal to know new things, learning and creating. I have also had a computer training in 2019.
I live in Aba, I am a student with O level grade, i am living with my parents at Osisoma Aba Abia State.

            Likes And Dislikes

There are numerous things that I like, some are teaching, reading and knowing new things in Computer. In the other hand , I dislike most things like, frauding, hacking, likes and cheat which mostly occur now in this era of computer.


  My Journey To Steemit

I was introduced to Steemit for the very first time by my mother who listen to radio steadily. She heard about Steemit and on the radio and shared the good news with me. I have successfully registered, I now has access to Steemit. Which means am now a full part of it.

  My Purpose Of Joining Steemit

I am joining Steemit for many reasons which include posting, creating, reading and learning and other things. Etc
So I will venture into writing and posting about areas of life, football, relationship, food ideas and other things.


I am happy to become a Steemit memeber and I have now made my first Post. My regards to
For leading me through my achievement 1 post

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Hi, @joeboi welcome to this amazing platform. I hope you'll get to learn much from Steemit.

I have gone through your introduction, you had introduced yourself very nicely.

Kindly avoid putting steemcurators or booming in your post.

Here you can get some basic information about further achievement posts by @cryptokannon.

Here's a link for the ongoing contests on Steemit. You can also explore many other communities according to your interest.

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Don’t hesitate to ask anything regarding any problem.

Best of luck with this new journey.

keep steeming.


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I can't understand it ooooo

Kindly add Country Tag !

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Hello @joeboi very warm welcome to Steemit,

Congratulations on getting verified, I wish you best regards for next Achievement.

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Hi @joeboi,

🥳🥳 Welcome to Steemit!🎊🎊

Steemit is a blockchain-based social media Dapp (decentralized application) that creates communities where users are rewarded for sharing their voice. It's a new kind of attention economy.

To help make your experience more enjoyable, we made a list of useful tips, links, and fun games to play on the Steem Blockchain. Continue Reading..

(And thanks @steemingcurators and @cryptokannon for making the original post)

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Congratulations !
You have successfully completed achievement 1 on "Verification Through Introduction". Your next task is to complete
Achievement 2 : Basic Security on Steem .

Hi welcome to our community
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Welcome to the steemit

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Hi, @joeboi,

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That was a good work arrangement you put so much effort and nice post too

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Hi, @joeboi,

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