What brought me to Steemit😊

Naturally, like many other users, earnings brought me here. Additional earnings ... And only interest and keeping a live diary. I live in a country (Ukraine) where, alas, no matter how hard you work, there is no stability and confidence in the future ... And I, like all my children, have a dream !!! Which is difficult to implement in the conditions of life in which we find ourselves !!!

My dream is simple, to pay off the loans that I once took for long-term treatment and rehabilitation of my father. Buy a small car))) To give children a reliable and bright future))) Accordingly, to fulfill the dream of my children ... to give my son a new powerful computer for the future profession of a programmer, and my daughter, no matter how funny it sounds, an iPhone))) Despite all this I try not to think about problems, but to live and enjoy every new day with my children))) What is your dream?



Your story and my story are quite same.

You are most welcome to the Steemit platform and online community.

You may now proceed to the achievement task following the article here

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