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How are you all doing today? I hope you're doing well. To begin with, this is my second account. Because my first acount was stolen by molly2 . And I have a lot of doubts about that account. So I created a new account and am now appealing for everyone's assistance. As a result, I'm reposting my introduction.

I'm Fahim Ashhab, and I'd want to introduce myself to you. I am a Bangladeshi man of 23 years old. My bachelor's degree in CSE was recently completed. Now I'm on the lookout for a job. My mother, father, and sisters are all present. My father is a businessman, my mother is a housewife, and my younger sister is pursuing an honors degree.


We are all stuck in lockdown. And since I'm looking for a job. So along with that, I wanted to make some income. Then I heard the name Steemit from one of my brothers toufiq777. And there are many more reasons to come here just for income. The reasons are that I want to know about the lifestyle of people from different countries and this platform will help me to know these.

Moreover, I have accounts on some crypto exchange sites. And there I trade. So I have a lot of ideas about cryptocurrencies.

I love playing games. And sometimes I love drawing too. And I like to take pictures. One of the things I dislike most is reading books. I find it very annoying to read books. If there is anything related to reading, I like coding very much. I'm pretty good at HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, React, Firebase, SQL, c++, Java, and Python.

I'm here to tell you about my coding, my lifestyle, and since I love drawing, I want to let you know in my posts every day.




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 2 years ago 

Hey!! Welcome to Steemit!!

I really hope that you enjoy your time in this great platform.

You might be wondering… What to do now?!

My suggestion for you are the following, join us in:

  • Writing & Reviews: The best place on Steemit to share your creative writings, diary posts and other reviews that you’d like to post (no matter if it’s book reviews, movies, games, music…).

  • Steem Argentina: Join us for general topics! We’re a community of Argentinians, but feel free to come and share with us!

  • Steem Geography: Interested about Geography? You won’t find a better place than this one! 😉

  • Steem Wellness: Wanna share your beauty secrets or how well you trained? This is your place!

Don’t miss them out, we run weekly contests in all of them!
We’d love to see you there!!

 2 years ago 

Hi, @fanhimn,

Your post has been supported by @haidermehdi from the Steem Greeter Team.

By the way, if your old account was hacked, How are you still using that? And doing wallet activities? You have made two recent posts. Can you tell me the reason behind?

 2 years ago 

Hello @fanhimn,

Welcome to Steemit.

I invite you to Complete your Achievement Tasks in #Newcomer’s Community which was published by @cryptokannon.

There are many communities on steemit that you can subscribe. Here are some communities that you can join on steemit.

  1. SteemWomenclub
  2. Steem Library
  3. SteemFoods
  4. Steemit Nursery
  5. steeming community

I invite you to Browse the steemit platform for more communities and join them.


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