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Assalam o Alikum! (Hello) (Hola) To all friends,

This my introductory post in which I will introduce myself to all the steemit community members. I hope all of you will be in the better phase of your life.

So, Let's start to introduce myself…


My name is Faizan Ullah. Basically, I belong to the northern areas of Pakistan but now living in the Capital Territory Islamabad for the last SIX years. I moved here for my further studies after completing my FSc (12th Grade) Pre-Engineering in my hometown. I visit my village on and off at events and occasions but always miss it, as it has a special place in my heart and will always remain there. Islamabad is beautiful and the world claimed it as recently a survey has been done and announced that it the second beautiful capital in the world after London.

I moved here as a student but now working as Senior Audit Executive in a Chartered Accountants firm for two years.

In life, everything is going good but I miss my Cricket and I will never miss giving my best whenever life gives me a chance in cricket.

My Education


I did my basic education from my hometown and after completing my Metric (1oth Standard), I tried to go to different colleges but due to some reason, I had to remain in my same school and college for my college. And After completing my college (Fsc Pre-engineering i-e 12th standard), I got a call from ICAP (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan) and they offered me a scholarship for doing CA on the basis of my distinction in my FSc. Now, I have done my CA inter and I’m a Senior Audit Executive in a Chartered Accountants Firm. Along with my professional education I have done my Bachelor in Business from Allama Iqbal open university and Now I am doing Masters in Accounting and Finance from Virtual university Islamabad.

Interests and Gamesimage.png

Well just like another kid in Asia I love cricket. I started playing cricket in my childhood in school and in the streets with my friends and cousins. when I grew up I started professional club-level cricket but I have to take a break from professional cricket due to my studies (I will jump over whenever I get a chance to come back to cricket). I remain Captain of my school and college's cricket, football, and badminton team for four consecutive years.
Along with cricket I loved playing Football, Badminton, and Basketball in my school and college and I'm still a good player of these games. Other than sports, I love traveling and watching movies, and playing Xbox games.

Favorite Food

I like every type of food but I like "Qeema" in desi food and "Pizza" and "Beef-burger" in fast food. Further, I love Tea anytime and every time.

Favorite Colour

I like every color of the rainbow but I love wearing black and light blue in formal and informal dresses. while choosing in jersey I prefer wearing Green.

Where did I come across STEEMIT?

Fortunately, I have a cousin's brother ( @azizulhassan ) who is already working on steemit for many years and he shared his experience with me and told me to start working on it as it worth giving some time. I hope my presence here will be a positive addition to the steemit world.

My Future Goalsimage.png

I'm planning to start my own business and run an agency after completing my education. I want to run a virtual agency and do my business as Eccomerce for which I'm doing different courses. But all along I want to remain in touch with the Digital world as it is the basic requirement of this modern world.

This was my introduction I hope I've shared enough about myself. Still, If you want to know anything which is not mentioned above then you can ask in the comments section and I will try my level best to respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading!

 Good bye till next post.

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Hey @faizanwrites07, i don't know why but i am unable to see the pictures that you have used. You have written it well. But for verification purpose, a picture of you holding the handle is compulsory. Also you need to add the tag acheievement1, introduceyourself and pakistan in your first 5 tags.

Fortunately, I have a cousin's brother who is already working on steemit

Can i please know the username?

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Thank you so much!
I have restated my post as you suggested. Please have a look and tell me if there is still something to be reviewed.

It's all good.
You have now been Verified. I will curate it when it's my turn. Till then, you can continue with Achievement 2: Basic Security on steem.

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Thank you! and sure I am on it.

WELCOME TO STEEMIT @faizanwrites07

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Thank you @henryglowz

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Hi @faizanwrites07, Welcome to Steemit!

Nice Introduction Post👌

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Thank you! I would love to learn about steemit blockchain from you people,

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@steemcurator03 and @haidermehdi Thank you so much.
I will be posting achievement-2 post soon InshaAllah