Hi @ericanthony I think its not possible to link our TRX account to binance, but you can send your TRX to your binance wallet. Go to binance deposit and look for TRX, then they will give you TRX address to deposit your TRX into your binance TRX wallet. i hope you have tronlink apps or extension on your browser so you can do this transaction faster/easier.

 11 months ago 

Please I need your help. I was trying to convert my sbd to Steem. So I taped Transfer, on the query box I typed instead of now the sbd is missing. Is there anyway to recover it back?

I think you have to go to their discord and ask if they can return it/hopefully they have expected a typo like this and have created in advance that steemit account with

 11 months ago 

I'm very grateful! Let me give it a try. Thanks

 11 months ago 

Thanks so much. I now know better.

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