ACHIEVEMENT TASK 2: Basic Security on steemit and use of wallet by @enochgenius |mentored by @lovveday

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Hello Steemians, I am glad to be posting my Achievement task 2 in the Newcommers community, a big shout out to @lovveday for the verification of my Achievement task 1.

Have you retrieved all your keys?

I got all my keys once I completed my Sign up process and I ensured to keep the copies where I am guaranteed of their safety because as the saying goes " He who has the keys has the asset".

Do you know the function of each of the keys retrieved?

I know the function of each of the keys retrieved and the keys and their uses are listed in the table bellow.

Private posting keyThis is the key used to log into the steemit social platform and perform operations like Posting, commenting, resteeming and curating posts
Active keythe active key is used in performing some more operations like witness voting, fund transfer from your wallet and powering up and down
Memo keyThis key is used for private memo encryption of asset transfer
Owner keyThis key is used in the resetting of the other private keys and can be used to retrieve one's keys withing 30 days of compromise
Master keyThis is the most sacred of all the keys as it is used in generating the document that houses all other keys

How do you plan to keep your keys ; especially your master key and memo key ?

I plan to keep my keys both online and offline.

  • Online : I have a copy of my keys saved on my email account for easy access and also safety
  • Offline : Also, I intend keeping a hard copy ; handwritten, in my personal file ( the master key most especially)

Do you know how to transfer your steem token to another steem user account?

Yes I do , and the steps involved are explained below:

  • I login using my active key
  • I click on the downward arrow of the category of asset I wish to transfer and select "transfer"


  • I enter the amount of token I wish to transfer and the username I wish to transfer my asset to


Do you know how to power Up your steem or steem dollar to Steem power?

I know how to do that. To power up my asset, I do the following:

  • I login I'm using my active key
  • I click the downward arrow on the category of asset I wish to power Up


  • I select "power up" and enter the amount of asset to power up


At this point I can say that I have understood the basic security on steemit , my private keys and how to use them for their distinctive functions and as such won't share my keys with anyone.

Thank you everyone @Vickojay @therealtj @lovveday @Ngoenyi @cryptokannon
I love you .

 2 years ago 

Hi and this is @arrowgate from greeters team. I am happily announcing that you have successfully completed your this achievement.
Now I'll suggest you to complete your next achievement task given by @cryptokannon.
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 2 years ago 

Hi, @enochgenius,

Your post has been supported by @lovveday from the Steem Greeter Team.

 2 years ago 

Thank you.

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