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Hi, @cryptokannon! We need your help. A week ago, one of our authors suffered from a phishing attack and lost access to his account. @ruta-rudens recently joined Steemit. We know Rue and have been waiting for a year for her to join us here. She is hardworking and many people know her. She has interesting posts that cause discussion and beautiful author's photos. Now we are all upset because of the hacking of her account.
She tried to restore it using and contacted the support service.
Her account was registered on June 6, 2021. Perhaps this is why there were difficulties with recovery, at the time of the request, the account was less than a month old.
I talked to her yesterday. Rue admits her inattention and we all hope for a recovery of her account @ruta-rudens. Please help us with this.


ok noted, will pass this to the steemit team.

 3 years ago @cryptokannon it has been 3 days my achievement 2 post is not verified . i commented every where to @steemcurator03 please help me in verifying my post it will be your kindness

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yes its very important

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Ok thanks alot

Steemit is a best work

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