Announcement of 4/10/2020

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Hello Newcomers of Steemit,

Here is some information that you need to know that happening on Steemit and some helpful tutorial by our community members.

Steemit Nursery Community

If you just started on Steemit less than 2 months ago, you may post your content at this community. The membership requirement is that you need to pass your Achievement 1 task on Verification through Introduction
Introducing Steemit Nursery

Support for Newcomers

You may apply for 500SP support for Newcomers program if you have passed your task of Achievement 4 in the Newcomers Achievement Program.
You may apply by commenting on the latest post of Curation List for 500SP Minnow Support Program : Batch 2 updated 1/10/2020

Tutorials for Newcomers

You may want to check this tutorial on How to Claim your Rewards on Steemit Manually & Automatically
How do I claim rewards in Steemit-- (Manually and Auto-Claim)?

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Contests and writing challenges

Then the ongoing contest that happening now on Steemit Community here
Compilation of ongoing Contest on Steemit


Updated list of The Steem Greeters Team

The Steem Greeters Team Members Introduction

If you encounters any problem or issue on your achievement tasks, please refer to each of the assigned greeters to answer you query.
If the issue is on no curation/checking of your achievement task that already passed 5 days, you may commenting on their latest blog post and raise your concern there.

Kind Regards,
The Steem Greeters Team.

 5 months ago 

Thanks for these information 😊
I pass my achievement 1 now i can post in Steemit Nursery Community.

Muchas gracias por la información...

 5 months ago (edited)

you may commenting on their latest blog pos

Is it for every query related to achievement or only if post remains unveriified?

Hi @drqamu both 😊

 5 months ago 

Ok thanks.

Thanks for much for the info

Excellent. It will certainly help. We need more 500 SP community, maybe we should set a target "how many of them we can produce" for the remainder of the year. More 500 SP, means more strength to the community in the long run.

Thank you.

Steem on.

Hello can you please share the username of greeters :)


@hassanabid I have updated the post with the link to The Steem Greeters Team Introduction post. I missed that actually, thanks for pointing that out.

No problem ☺️👍 i want to know can you enlist me or @rashid001 country representative of pakistan in the list of greeters we are from Pakistan and in a week we have introduced 5-6 members here from Pakistan an also encouraging many others to join

Also is their any kind of delegation or support for greeters ?

Waiting curiously for your reply :)

Hi @hassanabid thanks for your interest in becoming a greeter, for now, we only enlist official greeter that have been appointed as Country Reps by The Steemit Team. You can always be a greeter of Steemit Community 😊

Hi @cryptokannon
Thank you for organizing this information into one post, and for providing a well worn path, for newcomers to learn about Steem and Steemit.

Thank you for your support 😃 . I'm just doing my part as steem community members, I'm glad to see more members in the community step forward and doing their part too. Community building takes the whole members to make it strong and successful.


 5 months ago 

Thanks for all these information.

Thanks for informing :) I became a member in 2018, but I have been using it actively for about 5 weeks. Can I share too? @cryptokannon

 5 months ago 


Dear @cryptokannon, much thanks for the information. @steemit-pak has shared a post that awaits you and the greeters to visit the achievement tasks of newly recruited members from Pakistan. Hope to see you there soon :)

#onepercent #pakistan #affable

very helpfull

Thanks i just joined steemit .hope i will get to learn how relate with the site