Achievement 4 Task: by chiwill- Applying Markdown

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ACHIEVEMENT 4 TASK / BY @chiwill Applying Markdown

Greetings steemians

This achievement 4 is all about markdown styles.


Life is a journey whose that can only be terminated by death. And in this journey it has a lot of distractions, one who have no aim or purpose in the journey of life will likely be a stumbling block to others.

"Life is a journey that requires concentration and determination to get the best out of it and end smiling"

Life have ability to produce. When something is progressive it is said to be alive and life is about growth and development, anything that is also active is a sign of livelihood.
Death is inability to produce. When something is lacking the ability to grow or develop is said to be dead. When death occurs growth, progressive and production stops.
There's growthno growth
There's response to stimulino response to stimuli
Life is progressivedeath is stagnant


My appreciation goes to @cryptokannon and other moderators and to @bright-obias

I have come to understand markdowns and I will keep applying them to my write up because it makes my work easy to read through.

Thanks for reading my post


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