ACHIEVEMENT: 1 || My presentation on the platform.

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This is me.


Hello steemit community! My name is Daniela Cardozo and I have joined this great platform thanks to my brother @fdar19 who has told me to try to get into this world that is so new for me as blockchain.

I like to go in new directions and always know new things. I'm not closed to change and that's why I decided to be here.

I'm an 18 year old girl. Venezuelan by birth and proud with all my heart. I love the landscapes that my country offers like the Angel Falls, so imposing; its paradisiacal beaches of white sand and crystal blue; the Bolivar Peak that gives us that portion of Venezuelan snow. We have everything here, it is a very beautiful country worth exploring and it is what I dream of someday, to know every corner.


I am characterized by being outgoing, friendly and very faithful. I don't like injustice and mistreatment of anyone, because I think we are all equal.
I love animals, especially dogs. I have a pet called Doll that has many years with us, she is already very old, but the love for her is not.

I am someone very spiritual and who has a lot of faith in God, because without him I would be nothing and we must always be grateful for what he gives us, he never abandons us.

I love my family with all my being and I always believe that the union is the strength, and that although we are dispersed and we can't see each other very often, the affection I have for them has no frontier. I always let them know.


I currently reside in the capital in the state of Guarico. Better known as the gateway to the plain, although it is dominated by hills and mountains. Here I was born and grew up, however, it is lodged in my heart.

This is a little bit of me and I hope I can continue to learn more about steemit. I am new to all of this so a helping hand will be welcome.

See you soon!

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Saludos amigo @cdani07.

Bienvenida al mundo Steemit, te invito a compartir con nosotros publicaciones con contenido original y de buena calidad.

Me complace ver que has cumplido el logro 1, por ello , es mi deber indicarte que debes revisar el contenido del Logro 2 y cumplir con sus requisitos para seguir avanzando y aumentar la oportunidad de recibir apoyo de "Steem Greeters" y ser elegible para solicitar "500SP minnowsupport.

Recuerda usar las etiquetas #Logro2 y #venezuela y publicar desde Newcomers' Community.

Yo soy @adeljose, Representante de Venezuela en Steemit, nuestro deseo es ayudarte a crecer en esta plataforma, por eso quiero invitarte a formar parte de Newcomers' Community administrada por @crytokannon.

El equipo de representantes de Venezuela: @mariita52, @edlili24 y @anasuleidy, @tocho2 y yo (@adeljose), estamos a tu disposición para cualquier consulta

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Muchas gracias! Estaré pasando a informarme de lo que deba hacer, gracias amigo :)

 last year 

Hello! I would like to invite you to join the Steemit Nursery Community. It is a community linked to Newcomers', but there you can post on whatever topic you want!

Bienvenida, espero que sea muy grata tu estancia aquí hermana. 😊

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Hi @cdani07,

I am characterized by being outgoing, friendly and very faithful. I don't like injustice and mistreatment of anyone, because I think we are all equal.

wonderful words...! interesting to read you intro.

Hope you will enjoy Steem experience.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community 👈

Have a great day!!

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Thank you for read it, really 😊

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Hi, @cdani07
Welcome to steemit.

You can join the diary game. Hope, we will see a great diary blog from you.

Follow @steemitblog for last updates.

 last year 

Estoy en eso 🙏🏾

 last year 

You're welcome @cdani07 please don't forget to follow @steemblog for updates

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Hola @cdani07 Bienvenidad a Steemit espero disfrutes Tu estadía aquí, quiero dejarte dos comunidades en donde puedes participar en concursos de dibujo, arte y fotografía:

Yo soy @edlili24 Representante de País por Venezuela y me pongo a tu disposición para lo que necesites. Te extiendo la invitación para que sigas a @steemitblog y puedas mantenerte informada de los nuevos challenges y actualizaciones. Asi mismo te invito a la comunidad para recien llegados: Donde puedes hacer tus publicaciones mientras conoces las comunidades y adoptes la que más te guste y se adapte a tus intereses.

Te invito también a participar en los desafíos de @steemiblog donde puedes aprender y aportar sobre cryptomoneda, aquí te dejo la información: Desafió-Poloniex.

Guía para Nuevos.

El equipo de CR de Vzla: @mariita52, @tocho2, @anasuleidy, @adeljose y yo (@edlili24) deseamos que tengas éxito en la carrera del blockchain que estás iniciando en Steemit, por eso reiteramos que estamos para ayudarte.


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Muchas gracias amiga!!! Es bueno porque me siento un poquito perdida, ¿el diario hay que hacer algo más? Para recibir votos y eso, no entiendo

 last year 

Welcome to steemit a great platform. I hope you will enjoy your experience here on this platform

 last year 

I hope that, thank you 😊

Hello @cdani07, Welcome to the Steemit!! I would like to congratulate you on completing your first achievement here. I hope you will complete the next achievement soon.

Please join our Steemingcurators community for participating in writing challenges or contests that running on Steemit.

I suggest you to follow @steemitblog for the latest updates on steem community.

The Steemingcurators Community Building Team.

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Oh okay. Thank you for your help!

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Hi, @cdani07.
Welcome to steemit.
You use the #achievement1 tag in your post.
Follow @steemitblog for updates.
Have a nice day

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Oh I don't know that. Thanks!

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Welcome to this wonderful community and wish you will enjoy Steemit !

👉 You can follow @steemitblog for the latest updates and news on steemit platfrom and follow @steemingcurators for find more information about new contests and events.

👉And I like to invite you for the "A Better Life With Steem' project " #betterlife , you can find information from here
Wish you a great future with Steemit !

Please feel free to ask anything and have a nice day !

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Muchas gracias por el apoyo, de verdad

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Bienvenido a la comunidad de Steemit!
Felicitaciones por haber completado tu primer logro aquí y haber pasado la verificación de identidad! Por favor, procede con el próximo: Seguridad básica

Puedes encontrar en esta publicación todas las herramientas necesarias para tus primeros pasos en Steemit!

No olvides seguir a @steemitblog para estar al tanto de todas las novedades en la comunidad de Steemit!

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You have been upvoted by @fendit from STEEM POD Project and we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

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Welcome to steemit and I wish you a wonderful steem experience.

Follow @steemitblog 👈 for updates, upcoming contests and challenges

#onepercent #affable #SriLanka

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Thank you!!!

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