Club75||Achievement 6 Task by @bakar: Understanding Curation and Community||23-05-2022||Regards By @bakar||

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Hi Dear Friends steemit!

I am fine and I hope that you will be same. Finally I arrived at Achievement 6 this is the last part of many achievements s withinside the newcomer community. on this occasion there are various topics that we must achievement with write steady with the achievement suggestions described in then you can look at proper right here with the resource of the usage of @cryptokannon put up for newcomers. what we must do which of path we're capable of understand first. let's see !

How voting and curation artwork in steemit ?

At least I can understand how voting and curation artwork, which gives prizes to all of us professionally withinside the form of SBD, Steem Power and TRX on posts with the resource of the usage of voting for authors on steemit. The consequences of the vote given with the resource of the usage of the steemian are proportional to the curation. The author receives 50% and the curator receives 50% at the manner to be paid internal 7 days and the amount of prizes we get is steady with or is based upon on the amount of Steem Power (SP) with Voting Power....
If we want to get a bigger prize then what is needed is to boom Steem Power with the resource of the usage of converting the SBD we get to Steem and proper now do Power UP...

In addition to writing put up prizes collectively with Achievement duties and others, we can also get curation prizes from upvoting posts and comments. However, we are able to now not get curation prizes for posts we do now no longer like, even downvoting can reduce the prizes for posts and comments.

My advice is do now no longer carelessly downvote as it may have an impact to your courting with one of a kind users.



What will arise if you upvote a put up in advance than 5 minutes after posting ?

  • If we upvote internal 1 minute, the curator will gain 20%, and 80% remains withinside the prize pool.

  • If we upvote internal 2 minutes, then the curator will gain 40%, and 60% remains withinside the prize pool.

  • If we upvote internal 3 minutes, then the curator will gain 60%, and 40% stay withinside the prize pool.

  • If we upvote internal 4 minutes, then the curator will gain 80%, and 20% remains withinside the prize pool.

  • If we upvote a put up internal 5 minutes or so after posting, then 100% of the curation rewards will go to the curator.


Who will you pick out for Steem Witness? and why ?

I may additionally moreover pick out brother @jussty to maintain my notion while completing the 5 taks 3 achievement regarding the assessment and possibly I may also pick out some one of a kind witnesses who can be trusted steady with the offers given, collectively with suggestions from the Steem Japan community.



Which community will you be part of on Steemit, with why ?

Currently I in reality have joined severa companies aside from the newcomer community collectively with the Steeming Community, Writing and Review community and I in reality have moreover been labeled and I in reality have moreover joined the steem japan, modelagency and severa others but I am though a guest. The reason is that I expect some of the ones companies are nicely matched with my hobbies and each day activities. I'm moreover currently seeking to write and entire some assignments withinside the SteemitCryptoAcademy community.
I made this #achievement6 assessment and with a piece of good fortune it is going to be useful and can be installed soon.



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Best Regards By




You have been verified for this task and you may now proceed to Final Task for Newcomers Achievement Program: Compilation of Achievements' Task post at your convenience. Please refer to the guide on the Newcomers Achievement Program on the Notice Board pinned post.

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Hi, @bakar,

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