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I hope all my friends and everyone working on this platform will be fine We all have to follow these rules and the real work is to do. I will try to answer all the questions that I will ask through the STAT so that I can correct.




If we steal someone else's work in our work or text, photos, or any post etc. without permission, then it is called plagiarism which is illegal and it has become common nowadays. We must stay away from it. People working on this platform should avoid such activities. It can lead you faster on the path to success and increase your self-confidence and you can achieve success.

Copy and paste:

If we picked up someone's post or took a picture of someone and didn't even tell them and added it to our work and poisoned it that I made it myself and didn't give it any source it would fall into the category of theft. This is called copy paste and it is a big crime in this community which will not be tolerated at all. You have to create your own content using your own intellect so that you don't have to worry anymore. Encourage others to do the same. If you abstain from these things, your honor will increase, not decrease. May Allaah help us all to do it.

Original . source

Estimate is such a platform. Everything that is done here is original and self-respecting and very important and we also have to work on this platform, so we have to do the actual work. Etc. We don't have to steal, we have to do our real work so that we can develop, we have to create our own post and upload our own pictures and then we will all be successful forever. I don't have to, I share the original content on this platform myself and I also suggest others to share the original content, it will be a success for them.

Evidence of cerebral imaging

Use your brain while working on STEM Platform. You write your own post and express your thoughts and ideas and using your brain you create good articles and STEM pays you for it. And with that you earn and get the real value of the real worker on this platform


I have learned a lot from this platform I have read a lot about its law and etiquette you also follow its rules and I myself have followed its rules and I have never done anything wrong I will not do it and I will do the real work forever and I will guide others to do the real work and I am saying this right and I will definitely stop them from doing wrong.

Specail thanks





Please add a citation example to your post using blockquote.

It should look like this

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Sorry i don't understand the question you asked this is in achievement four i am doing achievement three please guide me

Hi @babalog, I am pleased to inform you that your achievement 3 task has been verified, you may now move to the next achievement task which is about applying markdown.
I encourage you to complete all the Achievement posts by @cryptokannon. Click here.

Thanks for your successful completion of this task!!!

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Hi, @babalog,

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