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In the previous post I have completed Achievement 2 , and today, next I will write while completing achievment 3 . This third stage carries the Content Etiquette Theme. one of my favorite themes. why I say that, because I really like original content, original, and far from plagiarism.

Content ethics, or ethics in creating content especially on this platform is original content. this has been upheld and always reminded of from the start. any content that is full of plagiarism or no authenticity, then that content will immediately be visited by cheetahs.

Plagiarism is something of an ethnic problem in life. unethical content means that the person who creates the content does not uphold sportsmanship in their work. also, lack of understanding and respect for the original creator or the sources he or she draws on.

if we have broad insight, then if there are some things that we collect from certain sources, then we will include the link or source, their name, aslo anything about their real owner.

AVOID Plagiarism

Because plagiarism is prohibited, we must avoid it. I have some tips for you so you can avoid plagiarism.

Include citations, when we have something especially when writing content, which is not our own. then we should include citations. The citation here is that the author must to provide information about the origin of the real written information obtained. This also applies even though the author does not use the exact same words.

There are several ways of writing citations, this is based on which source we take for our writing needs. in this case I will give an example of writing citations from websites. Because we often quote some material from the website for us to make content on steemit.

  • The method of writing citations from the website.

Author's last name, first name (if any). Site name. Name of the organization/institution related to the site (publisher). Source year created (if any). Publication media. Date month year accessed

Example :

Witono, Hardi. “citation is citing part of another person's work to be used as a reference for the work being made. Citation in scientific writing is allowed and even strongly emphasized to get appropriate references. 2020. ”Tambah Pinter, https://tambahpinter.com/sitasi/. Accessed August 14, 2021. sorce

you guys also must keep track of sources from the start. This is a mandatory thing that must be included for every writer and every content creator. Trying to do things from our point of view. if we apply this, the content we create d will be far from plagiarism, because whatever we do is the fruit of our own thoughts. SOURCE

NOTE : SOURCE WRITING in green above, is an example of including some opinions that we take from other pages. this is a form of respect for the owner of the opinion.

specifically for this platform, we can list the source in the way above

this how we add source.

And how to adding source at the image that we take from another website on internet?

The first one is upload the image that you want to put in your content. and it will be look like a code, you can see in the image above.

sample for adding source on image.


so from the explanation above, we should all content creators on this platform must give the best of ourselves. as well as being a content creator who obeys the rules by not plagiarizing. besides being prohibited, this is very injurious to humanity

"I have read and understood the Steemit Etiquette in the Steemit Community and will do my best dear I can to embrace them."

thanks, best regard @azissuloh


hello @azissuloh
you did a great job but please kindly add an example of a citation method

 3 years ago 

hi @ngoenyi, i have just write an example of a citation method.

 3 years ago 

hello @ngoenyi ,
how's life?
i have just edited and add an exapmle of citation method. thanks

Hi @azissuloh, I am pleased to inform you that your achievement 3 task has been verified, you may now move to the next achievement task which is about applying markdown.
I encourage you to complete all the Achievement posts by @cryptokannon. Click here.

Thanks for your successful completion of this task!!!

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Cara kutipan kabereh,,,kutipan kata² goeb neupasoe..nyan sang yg dimaksud sigam nyan

 3 years ago 

Lagee nyoe sang yg jimaksud..🙏

 3 years ago 

thank you suhu

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