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*Before beginning, please accept my apologies for any errors or omissions in this move.

Hi there, Steemian.
Actually, this is an introduction that I believe is too late, because I resumed Steemit activity on April 15, 2021, three years after I was last engaged. and I first became acquainted with Steemit in 2018.

My friend had hosted me at the time (sorry I forgot his account)

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And in the last 20 days, I've made many posts on Steemit and joined a number of communities; however, I forgot that if I want to be a part of some culture, I must first become acquainted with it.

then, by chance, I came across one community on steemit, namely the Newcomers' Community. Here I see several accounts that I am familiar with and return to Steemit

I've also read @Cryptokannon's post about the Achievement Program created in this Communty..

I've even read the rules of the Achievement Program from her. HERE

And here I am again, attempting to make an introductory post about my return to Steemit.

Previously, I'd like to introduce myself as Muzammil, or as most people call me Abenk, an abbreviation of Anak Bengkel, (mechanic's child).

Yes, I've had the call since I sat on the My Vocational School,,


I am mainly from North Aceh Regency in Aceh Province, Indonesia.

I was born on March 15, 1996, so I'm 25 years old. Am I still young?

I'm actually employed as a digital freelancer, and I do whatever I want.

I may work as a graphic artist, video director, film editor, and photographer on occasion.


I enjoy traveling and creating vlogs for my YouTube channel on weekends.

In terms of the crypto environment, I first became acquainted with it in 2015, when I became a bitcoin miner using free mining provider sites and free bitcoin faucets.

and I have a lot of background in the crypto community, as you can see on my steemit profile; I have made several posts about the crypto world and news about crypto and blockchain since the first time I had a steemit account.

Perhaps this is only a brief introduction from me; ideally, with this message, both of you can get to know me better and we will be able to help each other in some way.

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Welcome back to steemit @atim1234. Best wishes for success both in steemit and in all your activities and goals. I share some links with you, hoping that these are useful for you. Congratulations on submitting your achievement 1. Achievements within this platform are very important to our development. There are interesting communities to publish and participate in contests. The recommendations of the representatives are very important. To Food, I recommend steemfoods. To write, Writing & Reviews Community. Steemit Nursery. This is a community for you, like Steemit Newborn, to be accompanied at the beginning of your trip on Steemit. For photography, the World of Xpilar Community hosts many photography contests. Follow @steemitblog for the latest updates and news about steem and @steemingcuration for the Steem Community contest and challenges. Notice Board of Newcomers.


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The Diary GameThe Diary Game.
Steem FoodsSteem Foods.
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World Of XpilarWorld of Xpilar
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Hi @atim1234

Welcome to Steemit.

For this to be your achievement 1, in Newcomers' Community, and verify it, you must follow the meeting achievement 1. They are small questions and you must also attach a photo holding a handwritten sign with your username and the current date. You can edit this post and add whatever is missing.

Any questions you can ask me. Greetings.

 last year 

thank you @inspiracion ,. very happy to get a response from you

I'm sorry if there are any shortcomings in my post, but do I have to continue for the 2nd achievement?

 last year (edited)

Tidak, Anda harus mengunggah foto yang memegang tanda dengan nama pengguna Anda dan tanggal terakhir, tulisan tangan. Karena foto yang Anda masukkan surat-surat itu dicetak, itu harus tulisan tangan.

Kau mengerti aku?

Saya menggunakan penerjemah google. Maaf jika terjemahan saya salah

 last year 

baik, saya mengerti sekarang, saya akan mengedit foto ini kembali... terimakasih @inpiracion

Ketika Anda melakukannya, Anda menyebut saya dan saya bisa datang untuk memverifikasi pencapaian Anda 1.

 last year 

Saya sudah mengeditnya, semoga saya tidak melakukan kesalahan

Your achievement 1 is verified.

You can now continue with Achievement 2, when you write your post you must include images about the process of making token transfers and the process of power Up (see questions 4 and 5).

Remember to visit other publications, start following other blogs, vote and comment on your colleagues, each visit is a new friend and each vote brings its reward.

Remember to use the #Achievement2 and #(your country) tags and post from Newcomers' Community.

I invite you to follow @steemitblog so that you are aware of the latest updates.

 last year 

You have been voted by @inspiracion and I am voting with Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03, account to support newcomers who enter steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community.

 last year 

Thaks You @steemcurator03, I have been Follow @steemblog

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