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Hello steemit family


my name is Asmara I am 27 years old From Indonesia, I have a degree in Public Accounting for almost 7 years and I also work as a university professor in the area of accounting, and soon a specialist in taxes, I would like to be part of this great platform.

It motivates me to become stronger every day that is why from the age of 23 I started training in a gym, since then training became more than a physical well-being in a mental well-being, in my therapy and my escape.

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i also met steemit through harendra among my objectives on this platform are to share with you a little of my knowledge in the accounting, financial area among others; and receive back your knowledge through the different fans in which you can venture; as well as being a fundamental pillar for my family allowing me to grow professionally and economically.

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I like to have fun. Likes to go on excursions. I like walking with my friends. I have loved photography since I was a child.

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I have no knowledge about cryptocurrencies. But would love to learn about it.

Thanks for reading my introduction.


Hola @asmara01, te felicito, has tomado la mejor decisión. Te deseo éxito en tus nuevas tareas y en tu carrera en Steemit.

•Te invito a nuestra comunidad DraftCrearte, una comunidad para expresar el artista que llevamos por dentro. Desde ya puede participar en los concursos de esta semana.

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Hello, I am reddileep from Greeter Fairy Team.

I am happy to announce that you have successfully completed your achievement task. Now you are eligible for performing your next Achievement Task and you can refer Lists of Achievement Tasks posts to understand about your next Achievement Task which was published by cryptokannon

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Hi, @asmara01,

Your post has been supported by @reddileep from the Steem Greeter Team.

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Bienvenida a steemit! y que bueno que estés abierta a aprender, esto es muy importante si tienes metas a cumplir. Éxito en cada logro amiga!

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