Achievement2 @allyson-12: Basic security on Steemit

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Hello everyone! hope you are doing good? been away for a while due to academic requirement but I'm done now, so I'm back. My goal is to simply explain the security keys however within the context of my understanding. Learning about and understanding the security keys was as a result of the effort of @josepha who took out time out of his tight schedule to ensure i am well informed. so i'll be highlighting some basic security information as regards the Steemit keys.

Question 1- Have you retrieved all your keys on steemit?

Yes, i have retrieved my security keys and they are properly kept away hidden, in a safe place both on Google drive and my PC.

Question2- Do you know each of these key functions and restrictions?

The Master Key: This id used to unlock all the keys of your account, including the owner key.

The Active Key: This key is meant for more sensitive task such as transferring funds, power-ups/down transactions, converting steem dollars, voting for witnesses, updating profile details and avatar and picking market order.

The Memo key: The Memo key is used for encrypting and decrypting memos while transferring funds.

The Owner Key: This is the most powerful key because it can extract any account key. Its main function is to restore a compromised account.

The Posting key: The posting key allows the owner/user to post, comment, edit, vote, rate, and follow or mute other users. It is also recommended that owners log in with their own posting

Question 3- How do you plan to keep your master password?

Majorly, i have my master password safely hidden in my drive and a particular secured folder on my PC.

Question 4- Do you know how to transfer your Steem token to another Steem user account?

Firstly, log in to your wallet using the active key

Secondly, click on the steem icon that appears, then click on transfer

Thirdly, you will be required to input hoe much steem to send, username and amount.


fourthly, click on next


finally click on Ok. and it is done.

Question 5- Do you know how to power up your STEEM?

Yes, I'm aware and have included few and easy steps herein.

(1) log into your profile and click on your wallet or logon to your wallet.


(2) Click the Steem icon that appears in your account and select power up.


(3) Next, Enter the amount that you want to power up, then hit the Power Up button.


(4) click on the OK button

After which it is done.

Thanks you

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You're doing well. I wish you more kudos.

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Thanks you

Hi @allyson-12, congratulations on your successful completion of your Achievement 2.

It is my pleasure to announce to you that you can proceed with Achievement 3 which is content etiquette

I also want to encourage you to complete all the Achievement posts in the newcomers community by @cyptokannon. Check here. This will place you in a position to take advantage of the helps rendered to all newcommers.

It's also very important for you to join #club5050. To join the club you need to power up at least 50% of your monthly earnings. You can also join #club75 where you will power up 75% of your earnings for 2 months or #club100 where you are to power up all your earnings for 3 months.

Read this post to see how to join the clubs step by step using your first rewards

Also note that all achievement posts must be posted only once. Even if your post is not verified, you need to exercise patience and be sure to tag a greeter to verify you

Thank you for completing this Achievement!

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