My achievement 5 Task : 1 || Task : Review steem world || By : @adz-labib

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Hello my dear steemians.
I am your friend @adz-labib
How are you all?
i hope you all are well.
Today i am coming to complete my achievement 5 Task : 1
please join with to complete this achievement.

Achievement 5

Achievement5 task 1: Review steemworld



All of the above keys are very valuable for your account. Each key has a different function. You need to use one key for each task.
You must store these keys carefully.



in here sixteen type of tools have. All of the tools are very valuable for your account. Each tools has a different function. You need to use one tools for each task.
You must need to known about all tools carefully.

  • Dasboard
  • Winness Overview
  • Block Explorer
  • Account Watch
  • Copy Voted
  • Account Creator
  • Account Auths
  • Account Recovery
  • Key Generator
  • Change Password
  • Transfer Search
  • Proxy Info
  • Abuse Finder
  • Manual Vote
  • Witness Schedul
  • Seed Nodes Check


  • This image will first catch your eye as soon as you enter Steam World. This will show the voting value of your account. If you want, you can see the voting value of anyone's Steam account.


This is statistics here you can see some important statistics.

  • your account level
  • effective power
  • reputation
  • voating value
  • follower
  • RC status


  • this is deligation tools. you can deligate any type of steem power to any steem account & community.


  • you can see here your after deligation status. you can see your paying deligation, receiving deligation & your expiring deligation.


  • you can see your account balance in here. you also can see your last month account history, last day or ladt week or total steemit balance history.

My before achievement link

1st achievement :link

2nd achievement :link

3rd achievement:link

4th achievement :link

Thanks to all of you.♥

from : @adz-labib


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